Suhoor Inspo for This Ramadan

It’s almost the break of dawn and you’re starving! We tend to run to our kitchens and just grab anything to eat just to say that, yes, we’ve had Suhoor, but will these random midnight nibbles fill us up and give us the energy we need for the rest of the day? Here are some ideas you can try for Suhoor this Ramadan that will satisfy your cravings throughout the day and are just tasty!


Dates are highly recommended during Ramadan, and this practice dates all the way back to the time of the prophet Muhammad. Dates are great for Suhoor because they decrease hunger and are quite easy to digest, leaving you satisfied for a long period of time. They are also a very rich fruit that provides you with energy and supplies your body with the most important nutrients for both your brain cells and nerves. Have some dates for Suhoor and you won’t be as tired throughout the day!

 Peanut Butter & Banana

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Bananas are a source of resistant starch that helps you feel full throughout the day and stop your morning cravings. Also, peanut butter is a great source of protein and is filled with healthy fats, both of which have a satiating effect. Spread on whole-grain bread and pair it with sliced bananas and you get a deliciously satisfying Suhoor treat.

 Arabic Mezze

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We had to throw this in just to stay true to the Ramadan vibes! Arabic Mezze can consist of any Arabic snack food or appetizer you like. From labneh to hummus, to kibbeh, and even tabbouleh, you cannot go through Ramadan without having enjoyed a Mezze platter for Suhoor at least once.

 Watermelon & Halloumi

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We know, it sounds like a weird combination, but it’s surprisingly yummy and filling! As the name of the summery fruit suggests, watermelon is a juicy fruit and a great way to hydrate, and it’s low in calories too! Combine it with white halloumi cheese for that savory balance, and you’ll be both hydrated and full enough to fast for the rest of the day.

 American Breakfast

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Do you miss waking up in the morning and eating a regular breakfast? Well, there’s no reason why you can’t still do that for Suhoor during Ramadan. Batter up some pancake mix, scramble some eggs, and fry some bacon strips and enjoy your breakfast – well, your Suhoor! Sure, this isn’t the every-day ideal way to have Suhoor, but we all can treat ourselves every once in a while.


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