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When the weekend comes around, most of us put on the sunblock, pack up our bags and get ready to hit the beach for a good tanning session! Ever think how else we can make use of our beautiful beaches? Every try sailing? Snorkeling? Or even water skiing? If you aren’t super active and would prefer to go for something a little more laid pack, we suggest paddle surfing!  With many outlets and surf academy’s along the shoreline that can help you go surfing in Dubai, The Modern East has put together a list of our favorite spots to test out the waters over the weekend.

Surf House Dubai

Beach Road

The Surf House Dubai Family have been surfing, SUPIN and living in the Dubai ocean’s since 1992. Purveyors of the ocean stoke, lifestyles and community, Surf House Dubai is a shop, school and café, located in the heart of the Umm Sequim community. When stepping into Surf House, only a few steps away from the beach, you literally feel like you are somewhere else completely. Single Fin Café is a hot spot for residences and even people just stopping by after a day at the beach – with Dubai’s best Ice Tea, Acai bowl and brew, there really isn’t a better way to spend your afternoon. Oh, not to mention their Surf & Sup school offers numerous options , as well as, rentals for surfboards, paddleboards and kayaks.

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Kite n Surf Dubai

Kite Beach

One of the leading watersport experts in the city, Kite n Surf are a crew of passionate watersport pro’s offering a ton of services to be enjoyed with friends and family! Perfectly located at Kite n Surf City Beach (Kite Beach), this outlet offers endless options for kitesurfing, windsurfing, paddle boarding kayaking and other extremely adventure water sports – now while this all sounds super exciting, we suggest you start slow!

Rent a SUP – stand up paddle board, and enjoy a full body workout incorporating core strength, cardio fitness, balance and flexibility, while cruising on Dubai’s crystal blue ocean.

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