Island Hopping in Abu Dhabi

They say no man is an island. While that might be true, we sure do love visiting us some islands! Abu Dhabi is actually home to over 200 islands, and that number is looking to grow as some man-made additions are soon to join the ranks. Best of all, you can totally go beach day all the way, or add in an activity or two if you simply must. Any of these spots would make for a spectacular day trip, or even better, a weekend getaway. Check out these irresistible islands if you need to make a quick escape to somewhere fabulous.

Dolphin Bay and Dolphin Island

Want to spend some time hanging out on a sandbar in the middle of the water with pristine views and great snorkeling available? Well, now’s your chance.  Dolphins frequently are seen in the area, thus the name, and you may get to spend some time in the water with the beautiful creatures. Even though dolphins are not guaranteed to make an appearance on every trip, that shouldn’t deter you from a visit. The surroundings really are spectacular and there are many boat tours that are reasonably priced to get you there. Plus, sitting on a remote sandbar with all that gorgeous water around you is an absolutely incredible experience that will leave you utterly happy and stress-free.

WeeSir Bani Yas Island

You might have a hard time choosing what to do first on this island. You could totally make a day of just lounging at one of the island’s lovely resorts or sprawled out on the beach enjoying the spoils of seaside life. There are also plenty of activities to engage in such as horseback riding, cycling, kayaking through mangroves, or taking in a little history by walking around some of the 42 archaeological sites that inhabit the island. But, what else makes this island a wonder is the fact that half of it is dedicated to being a wildlife reserve. There are several safaris available to allow you to oggle some of the over 13,000 animals roaming freely within the reserve. Better take the weekend to enjoy this one.

Al Maya Island

If you’re the kinda gal who likes to dance the night away, then Fridays on this island will be right up your alley. Dance in the sand as you enjoy the beats spun by resident DJ’s. If you’re looking for something a little more laid back, Saturdays tend to be a lot more tame and considerably quieter. Visitors also site this being a great place for camping and beach bbqs if you’re more the outdoorsy type than a clubbing queen.  There is an entry free of about 100 AED, but it’s worth the price of admission. Several villas on site to rent also offer an opportunity to make it more than just a day trip.

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