Best Apps To Give Travel Photos An Extra Boost


There’s a reason this app comes highly praised by photogs and has been downloaded over 50 million times! The interface is clean and very user friendly for even the most novice of budding photo enthusiasts. Look mode offers a boost to color, contrast, or can change your color photos to black and white instantly for a quick fix. For those wanting more substantial, dramatic effects, check out the Tools section where you can do anything from give your photo a glamour glow, grainy film feature, to give it the HDR treatment. Tools are available to also fine tune your photo on a near microscopic level. This app makes it easy to beautify quickly or make the smallest changes you might desire.

snapseed photo app



Ever wish you could take something OUT of a photo to make it more appealing? A certain stranger walking into your perfect shot of an empty city square at night? A lone piece of wayward garbage you didn’t notice before clinging to something in frame? This app offers you a way to remove those pesky things, or people, that might clutter an otherwise perfect photo. While it does cost money, the price tag of 7 AED is a small price to pay for photographic perfection!

retouch photo app


NightCap Camera: 

If you plan on taking any night time photography, many photogs in the know will recommend this app!  Though it is only for IOS and costs 7.31 AED, people swear by its easy interface and its ability to beautifully photograph things like fireworks, stunning night glows from bustling cities, and of course,the evening sky itself. Time-lapse and long exposures are also a perk of this app, and don’t forget about those gorgeous sunset photos!

night cap photo app

HDR Max-Photo Editor:

This Android only app offers a ton of preset filters and sharpening tools while bringing that extra something special to your photos. With its sleek user controls and easy navigation, it makes a great app for photos that need just a small nudge towards perfection instead of a massive overhaul. Its ease of use makes it a perfect quick fix app for photos you want to post sooner rather than later.

HDR max photo editor app

A Color Story: 

This app is perfect for a middle ground editing tool and it has a built in camera feature!  It is very user friendly and most of the tweaks to your photos can be done with the help of a slide bar via the extensive tools menu.  You can also directly connect your photos from the app to Instagram. Most preset filters and instant effects are going to cost you, but the fees are low and there are many nice options for free. This is a solid choice that after a little experimentation, could pay big rewards with only medium effort needed!

A color story photo app


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