8 Reasons Why We Heart Mirzam

If you truly love chocolate, there is no way you will not love Mirzam – Chocolate Makers. It’s been a few years since Mirzam first opened its massive door at Alserkal Avenue. But the insanely drool-worthy aroma of chocolate that greets me every time I walk in, still hits all the sweet spots. This dreamy brand hasn’t aged one bit, and I doubt it ever will.

Here are 8 reasons why:

1. It’s real love, that you don’t know about. (Is Massari still alive?)

The creators of Mirzam have a serious love affair with chocolate. They love chocolate enough to make it, from bean to bar, right in front of you. They sort through the cocoa beans, roast, grind and mould everything you eat, on site. It’s a magical process that you can watch, and be walked through, at their Alserkal location – complete with a free tasting sesh at the end.

Made from bean to bar, right here in the AE.

2. They’re local and #SupportLocal.

Mirzam works with artists from the region to design all their chocolate bar wrappers. It makes for the most beautiful, gram-worthy chocolate with something to always look forward to.

Beautiful wrappers illustrated by Sharjah artist Nasir Nasrallah. Feel free to share your portfolio at [email protected]

3. Always trending.

Yes, trends die out. But Mirzam never stops creating. They’re always tinkering with new flavours and ideas and seasonal treats. Like the insanely good Monsoon-inspired Diwali collection of truffles featuring flavours like Rose & Pistachio Falooda, Alphonso Mango White Chocolate and Passionfruit & Chilli.

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Our Monsoon inspired collection of truffles is now available in-store. From the top; a Jaggery Caramel with Roasted Cashew, Alphonso Mango White Chocolate ganache, Coconut Milk Cloud, the Rose & Pistachio Falooda ganache and with a warm bite to finish, our Passionfruit and Chilli returns. Order via whatsapp for delivery across the UAE. #Diwali #Monsoon #MirzamChocolate #MadeinDubai . . . اخيرا! حبات الشكلاتة من تشكيلية مانسون متوفرة الان في ميرزام . من الأعلى : جاجري كاراميل مع الكاجو المحمص ، غاناش الشكلاتة البيضاء بنكهة الفونسو مانجو ، سحابة حليب جوز الهند ، غاناش الفستق بالورد، وحبة الشكلاتة بنكهة الفاكهة العاطفة والفلفل. ضع طلبك عبر الواتس اب للايصال داخل دولة الامارات.

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Diwali truffles – perfectly good for year-round consumption.

4. They have the hottest hot chocolate.
With or without their homemade marshmallow heaven, Mirzam’s selection of hot chocolate flavors are insanely delicious. You can choose from Single Origin, Sea Salt, Rose, Cinnamon, or White Chocolate with Saffron + limited edition seasonal flavors.

5. Treatzzzzzz.

Brownies. Croissants. Shakes. Mirzam serves up treats beyond chocolate bars too. Yes, they’re all delicious. No, I can’t pick just one. #lifeishort

Brownies, baby.

6. #CoffeeGoals (is that even a thing?)

Right up there with their high standards of chocolate, Mirzam’s coffee game is on point. They truly love coffee (enough to pair it with their chocolate) and serve up some of the city’s best. If this description sounds vague, it’s because I’m not much of a coffee drinker. But I have it on good authority from people I trust, so trust me alright.

Coffee curated by @z4coffee

7. Made in UAE.

They don’t just make their goodies here, they celebrate local ingredients. I didn’t know how much my life needed chocolate-covered honeycomb made from Emirati honey until I brought home a box from Mirzam. It’s what a Crunchie bar could have been if it had married into royalty.

Honeycomb made from Emirati-produced honey, covered in 62% dark chocolate goodness.

8. A sweet cycle.

Mirzam’s workshops keep the sweetness going with fun and educational sessions for all ages, in both English and Arabic. Their ‘Cacao & Coffee: Tasting, Pairing & Making’ workshop is a great way to spend part of your evening. And the ‘Kids Chocolate Dipping Adventure’ received a 5,000-star rating from my niece.

Check out all of their workshops here.

9. Wait, what?

Of course there are more reasons than just 8! Like their bright and airy space or delish collabs. But you’ll just have to see for yourself 😉


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