5 Coffee Gadgets We Love

As many of my loyal readers will know, I am currently in the process of transforming from a coffee newbie to the ultimate coffee connoisseur. On my quest to coffee stardom, I have been doing a lot of research on how to actually make my own specialty coffee at home. From picking the right beans to copywriting the perfect ratio of water vs coffee, time of brew and what to use – I really had no idea that there was so much science that went into coffee gadgets.

Making your own speciality coffee, although intimidating, can actually be quite easy to try at home if you have the right equipment. So here are 8 super cool gadgets to try out at home to help you make the perfect cup of joe:

Chemex – Three Cup Classic

For the one who loves to brew – this one’s for you. (#coffeepoetry) The Three Cup Classic by Chemex is best used with the Chemex Bonded Filters for the best pour-over brew. This pretty – and easy to use – gadget is the perfect start for anyone who wants to get into the world of coffee.

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Acaia – Pearl Coffee Scale

Take it up a notch with the super cool scale coffee gadgets – to get all those coffee ratios right! This coffee scale is legit the top of the range – it’s fast, accurate, stable, customizable, has a long-life battery and of course, comes with a suite of apps. This is a must have for any coffee buff.

Baratza – Encore

If you’re really going to up your coffee game, you need a grinder like this one in your arsenal. Any coffee fanatic will tell you how important it is to grind your own beans, and for good reason. The flavour, the aroma, the freshness – I need an espresso now. Encore is the perfect grinder to start with for all the coffee newbies out there.

Ember – Ceramic Mug

The world of tech – so fascinating! With the Ember Ceramic mug, you can control the temperature of your beloved beverage through their easy to use app. What makes this the hottest mug out there? Not only can it keep your coffee hot, but it keeps it at your very own ideal temperature!

Goat Story – GINA

The art of making coffee doesn’t get any more precise than with GINA. An award-winning smart coffee instrument. This device out of the coffee gadgets lets you control every aspect of your coffee-making experience, from scale to drip. Oh, and did we mention the brewing app to go with it?

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