#Recipe: Chips Oman in the Bag

Does it even get more classic than Chips Oman? It’s the ultra local fav. To the point of (don’t hate me for saying this) being totally overdone. And yet here we are, still talking about it.. We just can’t get enough.

For this episode, Athina kicks it back old school, and just has her bag of Chips Oman the OG way – with some hot sauce and Laban Up. For anyone who has grown up around here, this is a childhood staple. The extra toppings give these classic Chips Oman a fun twist.

The Ultra Classic Chips Oman in the Bag


Oman Chips

Laban Up

Hot Sauce


If you’re from these parts, you know. Just grab a pack of Oman Chips, pour in a bit of Laban Up and hot sauce, shake it up and give your mouth the zesty crunchy love it deserves.

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