Surprisingly Delicious Dishes from Around the World

When travelling, I always make sure to try out some of the local dishes and, usually, these end up being some of the most memorable parts of a trip. Even if you can’t travel – especially right now – trying some delicacies from around the world is a great way to get a small taste (pun intended) of another culture. Here are just a few surprisingly delicious dishes from around the world:

Haggis – Scotland

Made from spiced sheep’s heart, liver, and lungs and often cooked in its stomach, this Scottish dish may sound far from appetizing. However, this pudding is a delicious savoury treat that is best served with turnip (“neeps”) and mashed potato (“tatties”).

Curried Mango – Trinidad

Love mango? Love curry spice? Then this traditional Trinidadian dish is for you. Combining the sweetness of mango with the heat and richness of mixed curry spices, this treat is also relatively easily to recreate at home!


Chilaquiles – Mexico




It may not be so surprising that the Mexican addition to this list is delicious (tell me a Mexican dish that isn’t). Rather than your usual taco or burrito, give this traditional breakfast food a try; it is essentially tortilla chips which have been left to simmer in red or green salsa, making them extra flavourful, and then topped of with cheese, radish, cilantro, or even fried eggs!

Peking Duck – China

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|| Roasted Peking Duck, Bao || 🦆🔥 . Celebrated my dad’s birthday earlier last week by making two beautiful roasted ducks. There are so many steps to it that I don’t think I can type out a full recipe in one post. Hopefully y’all were able to follow along via my Stories 😂 I’ll do an IGTV next time. . The entire process from start to finish takes about 3 days. I’ll list the prep work down below. It’s a true test of the fundamentals of cooking – time, temperature, and a whole lot of technique. . I first spatchcocked the duck for a more even cook and crispy skin as opposed to leaving it whole. Seasoned the inside, left to sit for about 6 hours before pouring scalding hot water over the skin-side to tighten. No bike pumps needed here. . Brushed with a special vinegar-sugar solution before letting it dry out alternating between the fan and the fridge to draw out as much moisture as possible. You should see the skin tighten more and more each day with a yellow color change. . Roasted at 450F over a water bath for 30 minutes and finished with another 30 without water, brushing the skin with a sauce made of 10 different ingredients in there, making sure not to burn the skin. . Phew what a labor of love. It’s downright exhausting, but absolutely delicious. Better than any duck you can buy from your asian restaurant because you’re not stuck with a ton of fat when using quality ducks. Can’t wait to make it again soon. . tags: #roastedduck #duck #peking #pekingduck #bao #chinesefood #asian #asianfood #eatwithelvis

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It would be wrong to do a list of foods from around the world and exclude Peking Duck. With the first speciality restaurant for the dish opening in 1416, the dish is timeless. With extra crispy skin and often served with sweet bean sauce and spring onion, you’ll be sure to love your taste of authentic Chinese cuisine.

 Borscht – Russia/ Eastern Europe

Looking at this sour beetroot soup may not immediately have you grabbing a plate, but trust me, this hearty meal is worth it. Made with fermented beet juice, either a vegetable or meal stock, as well as the possible addition of parsnips or carrots, this dish is unique take on ‘sweet or sour’ and you’ll definitely want to finish your plate (even if just to decide if you like).

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