The Top 5: Sushi Restaurants in DXB

1) Itsu 


Best value for money 

As affordable as you can get without sacrificing quality. Why do we love it? Easy! Fresh sashimi, and the all-you-can-eat menu includes starters and side dishes too! (Where my Miso soup lovers at?) The rotating belt always makes for a fun dining experience, but you can still order directly from the all-you-can-eat menu for even fresher sushi.

2)  ZUMA 


A special occasion

Your destination for a fine dining sushi experience. Every item is carefully curated by a highly trained sushi master. From start to finish, prepare to have your taste buds wowed. Evenings there are always fancy affairs, making for truly memorable nights. It’ll have your inner sushi geek jumping up and down with joy, although your wallet is likely to take a hit.

3) Fujiya Café and Restaurant


Most authentic

While it may not be the fanciest restaurant on our list, this little place is a slice of Tokyo in the heart of Dubai. It promises an authentic Japanese dining experience at very reasonable rates. Don’t expect anything too frilly: this little gem keeps things simple, fresh, and the food is absolutely mouth-watering.

Fujiya Restaurant and Cafe Sushi Dubai

Photo cred: Tripadvisor

4) Kanpai


The liveliest

If your priority is more the atmosphere than the food (life of the party peeps, we’re looking at you) then Kanpai is the restaurant for you. The food is delicious and the place stays open until 2 AM! The live music makes it a perfect place to go and hang out with your friends! Pro tip: check out their Sushi Saturday buffet for 199 AED.

Sushi & roll platter. Kanpai dubai

Photocred: Kanpai Dubai

5) Sushi Counter


Quick and easy

This sushi chain is one you’ll see in many locations around the U.A.E. and Saudi. The sushi’s good and the prices are affordable – making this the perfect place to pick up a meal or order sushi from for a calm night of Netflix on your couch. If you’re not a sushi expert and are just looking to try some basics, you’ll find your joy here. Pro tip: don’t miss their sushi burritos and poke bowls!

For more delicious food spots around Dubai, don’t miss our list of the best French restaurants in town!

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