The beginner’s guide to investing in art

With the recent crisis, many people have seen their investments go south. If there is one lesson to learn from this, it is that from a young age it is important to diversify one’s portfolio of investment. Real estate is an option, saving accounts is another but one that looks a bit scary and not so straight forward is to invest in art. However, there are a lot of easier ways to do this nowadays and here is a short guide on where to start.


1. Research

The first advice for novice would be to do your research. Research in terms of artists which are doing well at the moment or research in terms of what you actually like. If you can find artwork that you enjoy, even better. There is no secret formula to the value an artwork will have in 10, 20 years so you may as well pick something you are emotionally attached to.


2. Finding the right help

Spend time in galleries and get feedback from art curators and gallery staff. They can give you very good insight on what is trending, maybe give you the name of a couple of artists you should look up and more.


3. The Artist over the piece

You found the right artist? Now, one tip would be to stay away from the most popular pieces which are way more costly and go for another artwork by the same artist and that isn’t as expensive but that has potential to gain significant value later.


4. Budget

One way to start investing without having to spend too much is to take some time looking at art schools. They often host exhibitions at the end of the year and some upcoming artists could be hidden there. Another alternative is to look into buying a part of an artwork. This is quite new but increasingly popular. Check out the site for opportunities.


5. Auctions and websites to know

Famous auction houses host online auctions nowadays and you can learn a great deal from those. Check out Sotheby’s, Christie’s, Bonhams as the priority.  If you are looking for contemporary check our

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