Dubai-Based Artist: Andrew Sausman

We, at The Modern East, are huge fans of art – art of all forms. That is why it is always a pleasure to introduce Dubai-based artists to you. For today’s feature, we have digital artist and animator Andrew Sausman. Andrew is a 21-year-old Indian motion graphics lover with a bachelor’s degree in biotechnology – we love the combination – and, we must say, we are definitely huge fans!

Andrews Art

Despite his degree in biotechnology, the art Andrew delves with includes everything from digital animation, to simulations, and motion graphics. “It is difficult to describe my art as a newcomer in the field,” Andrew explains “I’m always changing my themes and designs and am still in the stage where I find a specific description for my work and stick with it,” Don’t worry Andrew – we think eclectic is great!

Andrew further explains that his ability to take world issues, abstract ideas, and observations and present them in a very minimal way that is pleasing to look at. Andrew’s aesthetically pleasing and satisfying designs are simple, yet impactful. His art is a beautiful approach to modern-day events and incorporation into different art forms.

Inspirations and Looking Ahead

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“My 2 biggest inspirations and the artists who got me into this world of animation and simulations are go by the Instagram Handles @zolloc and @_k1ff_,” Andrew tells us. “I stumbled upon Lawrence’s work (@_k1ff_) a while back and was taken aback on how such intricate designs could be made completely using a computer and nothing more. @zolloc is a huge factor too. I had the pleasure of attending a zoom workshop with him and learned quite a lot to be honest. His work really gives you such a different perspective. It’s amazing.”

In the future, through hard work and improvement, Andrew hopes to get noticed by big design establishments – from the Instagram Design team or working on commissions for big companies like Apple is a dream of Andrews that we can see him achieving through his work and determination in the field.

“As cliche as it is and keeping in mind, I’m still quite new to this field. The biggest accomplishment for me personally is when people come across my work and message me telling me that they want to make art just like me. This is always an ironic moment as I myself don’t really know what I’m aiming toward but it’s always a genuinely happy moment for myself,” Andrew says – we love it and can’t wait to see what more the artist has to offer.



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