Necessities To Bring On A Camping Trip

For the average camper, you will need the basics for your weekend getaway. I am talking a little trip to Oman or Ras al Khaimah, where the weather conditions are pretty temperate, and you’re looking to kick back and relax. In no particular order, these are the main things I would pack.


I would suggest one of the pop-up ones – quick to undo and easy to fold back up!

Sleeping bag:

Choose a fairly light one, as it doesn’t get too cold in these parts. Obviously check the weather forecast before you head out.


A yoga mat is a good idea if you’re sleeping on an uneven surface (beach camping is nice and smooth) and you can whip it out in the morning for a little sunrise yoga session.


You want to be able to add and remove layers as you see fit; always be prepared for different climates and weather conditions. Once you’re cosy in your sleeping bag, you won’t be needing anything too heavy anyway.


You’ll probably find yourself exposed to a lot of direct sunlight, and you’ll be up early, so make sure you’ve got some sunscreen with you.

Head torch:

When you’ve got to get up in the middle of the night to use nature’s bathroom, you’ll be thankful for the light, and it’s hands free!

Food and water:

Obvious one, and you want to make sure you bring plenty of food that is non-perishable so it will last a few days. Always bring extra water – you never know when you might need it, especially when the weather heats up and you never want to find yourself in a situation without a back-up supply.


Less essential that the food, but the music will feed your soul. If you’ve got a musician on the team, bring them along, and their instrument of choice, or just grab a speaker and bang out some tunes around the campfire.


I am going light on the wet wipes, or anything unfriendly to the environment, so take some sanitiser with you instead.


I always recommend going phone-free, but you also want to know that you’ve got your phone handy if you need it.

Wood and coal:

That BBQ will be much less fun without it, so remember your wood, coal and kindling to get your fire started, so you stay warm and well fed on your camping trip.


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