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With us all spending a lot of time a home, let’s use our time wisely and do a good Spring Clean!

You may or may not be aware of Mrs Hinch aka Sophie Hinchcliffe – a 30 year old cleanfluencer from Essex, England who took Instagram by storm with her quirky cleaning hacks and loveable personality. The cleaning sensation accumulated a following of 3.2 million followers, also known the ‘Hinch Army’ after starting a home Instagram account back in March 2018. In 2 years, she has become a global name and has put the fun into boring household chores and we LOVE her!

She has even released 3 books in that short space of time ‘Hinch Yourself Happy’, ‘The Mrs Hinch Activity Journal’ and her newest release ‘Mrs Hinch: The Little Book of Lists’ which have all flew off the shelves.

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My Hinchers … guess what!! I haven’t had any ebayers delivered today BUT I have had such a special delivery that has got me all emosh 🙈 Never did I think I would have a book published by Penguin, but to have reached a “best seller” leaves me a little speechless. And its ALL because of you!! SO, here it is .. here is “Hinch Yourself Happy” in the actual flesh! I mean how could I not have Dave on the front 🤣 better still – he’s shiny! 😩😍 Grey was a given eh 😉 I absolutely loved designing this cover, it was so fun working with such a fab team and to now see this all come to life has really touched me. I can’t wait for you all to receive your copy in April, I’m nervous, I’m excited but above all I couldn’t feel more grateful! I hope you all have the best Friday evening indoors or out out, I’m off to stuff my face with a Chinese all you can eat with my girls for my early birthday celebrations 🙊 Tomorrow I turn 29 🎉 and this book has been one of the best birthday presents ever! 📖 All the best my Hinchers … I literally love you all! Love me, Mr Hinch , Henry (dorgeous boy) and our precious little bump ❤ #imahincher #alwayswillbe #hinchyourselfhappy

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The cleanfluencer is constantly giving top tips of which products to use on which surfaces, cleaning hacks and suggestions of on how to declutter and organize – a tidy home = a tidy mind.

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Good evening guys 💫 welcome to the Hinch drive thru 😂 I hope you all love it just as much as I do! Honestly I can’t even explain how happy I am just standing in this kitchen , wiping down the worktops, shining the sink, filling my jars and labelling everything ! I also love the fact that I can still technically visit my old kitchen too by popping down to my parents house! One of the most amazing feelings which I’ll never get over is treating my parents and seeing them so excited! My mum smiled so much when I surprised her with the softest carpet in their house , and now my Dad enjoys sitting in their new out kitchen with his cup of coffee. Never forget that now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just take it all in. All the best guys , thank you so much for your amazing messages, support, comments and friendship. I’ll never ever forget any of this 🤍 #mrshinch #homehinchhome (and to Kev, Jack, Brad, Josh and the crew , thank you for making this all happen, you know who you are 😉) xxx PPS: I haven’t changed the flooring guys, this flooring is the same throughout the whole downstairs of the house. It’s from @amticoflooring shade Valley Oak (gifted flooring)

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With all that said, here are a few of our favourite Mrs Hinch hacks everyone should be doing:

Keep Your Bin Smelling Fresh

This Mrs Hinch cleaning tip for your bin will keep it smelling fresh. After cleaning it with a disinfectant spray, Mrs Hinch douses a sheet of kitchen roll in Zoflora, folds it up and leaves it at the bottom of her bin before inserting a bin bag. Genius!

Fabric Conditioner Your Doors

Mrs Hinch revealed she uses fabric conditioner mixed with water allows her to wipe down marks on doors without removing the paint plus leaving everything smelling beautifully clean. Who would have thought?!

Duvet Set Hack

The Queen of Clean shared a tip on her Instagram Stories, explaining how she groups all her linen sets together in the matching pillow case. She wrote, “Where do I keep my fresh bedding? I store the whole fresh bed set into the matching pillow case!”But that’s not the only linen hack – she also revealed that – once she has finished ironing her duvet cover, pillow cases and fitted sheets – she then places Lenor’s scented tumble dryer sheets in with her clean bedding, to keep it fresh!

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