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Just like everybody else, there are times when I just browse everything and nothing on the Internet. Sometimes, I come across a really cool website. I may not have any use for it at that particular point in time or can’t find anything to buy on it, but I know it is somehow different and good. Based on this observation, I have decided to share some of the cool websites out there that you may want to know exist. The first one I wanted to talk about fits perfectly into our #GirlBoss section and is called is a website built for entrepreneurs and startups in general. The main idea behind the site is that you can learn from other entrepreneurs’ mistakes. After all, it is true. We know that 90% of startups fail, but nobody really takes the time to identify the reasons behind why they fail. The team at Failory is building content around 6 main areas and they are all great.

1. Failed Startups

Read interviews of failed startup founders. You can filter the interviews by causes of failure, type of startups and country of origin.

2. Successful Startups

The happy version of the first one. Interviews with successful entrepreneurs. I found some amazing companies in there I didn’t know existed and great tips on how to make word of mouth work for your company for instance.

3. Entrepreneurial Tools

This is a list of really cool lists. Think a list of great hosting providers, tools for user feedback, tools for project management and so much more.

4. Startup Cemetery

Actually, this is how I heard about this website. I was looking for the cause of failure of an app I used to have. The analysis on why 100+ startups failed is truly good.

5. A Blog

Finally, many great articles with advice on how to build a successful startup. You can think of the blog section as a summary, guide based on everything the Failory team has learnt through interviews of failed and successful entrepreneurs as well the analysis in the startup cemetery combined with the best of the best tools to get started and succeed.

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