Girl Boss of the Month: Foxxy

It’s March – which means, International Women’s Day is coming up! What better time to celebrate influential women in the region? For today’s girl boss feature, We, at The Modern are delighted to introduce Emiliya Ninova – better known as Foxxy! Foxxy is a 31-year-old Bulgarian influencer and founder of Keto by Foxy, The Keto Fix, The Meal plans, and Co-Founder of Beit el Keto. On top of that, she is an MUA too! Foxxy is definitely the definition of a girl boss who does it all. Want to learn more about this beauty in business? Keep reading!

All About Foxxy

Credits: Instagram (@foxxy.dxb)

If you’re wondering where the name “Foxxy” came from, we have the answer for you! “The brand name “Foxxy” goes way back,” Foxxy tells us, “All my friends from school used to always say that I am as clever as a fox, as I always had such a good memory and was passing all exams with excellence without having to study. Later on, I discovered a passion for music and became a DJ, which was the reason I moved to UAE as a matter of fact, as I signed an artist contract with an agency, and needed a nickname. Since everyone was comparing me to a fox, Foxxy came naturally afterward and it is here to stay!” Yup, we forgot to mention, she DJs too!

Not only does Foxxy possess a variety of talents, but she is also a creative person and loves to share positivity and be helpful to others in any possible way, living to inspire and touch other’s lives. “Everything I’ve done and do in my life is based on this and comes out of passion,” she says.

A Lil’ Girl Boss Inspo

Credits: Instagram (@foxxy.dxb)

We all have dreams and aspirations, but how should we acquire them to be the best versions of ourselves? Foxxy has some inspiring words for all of you aspiring girl bosses out there and they all start with loving and believing in yourself. “. If somebody told me how much this single thing would change my whole life, I would never believe it, but it is true,” she says “The moment you love and believe in yourself, nothing can stop you, because you know how much you can achieve and what you are capable of – literally EVERYTHING!”

If you want to learn more about Foxxy, stay tuned this month for more articles on her. From her Keto brand to her makeup art – we’ve got it all covered for you.

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