How to support small businesses

One of the greatest things I have seen lately is definitely the Support Small Businesses initiative by Facebook and Instagram. I am not big on sharing on my social but this one made me rethink. What a great way to use the power of social? According to Gulf News, small and medium enterprises in the UAE make up for 47% of the economy and employ 52% of the workforce. When times are tough and the economy is suffering, they need more help than ever. If sharing on social media is not your thing, here are a few other ideas on how to support in your own way.


1. Gift cards

It may not sound like a lot but when you think about it, it does. You know a great small business but have no use or interest in their product at a particular time, instead of buying friends or family goods from big retail chains, why not remember to get gift certificates and make them discover a small business?

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2. Order delivery or takeout

The hospitality industry is really suffering. If your favourite restaurant is closed or if you cannot physically make it out of the house today, think about ordering from that great small place you care about.

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3. Write reviews

Online reviews mean a lot for small businesses. Just take the time to add reviews and if you don’t know where, send them an email. They are likely to tell you where to post a review or keep your email as a client testimony which could generate additional sales in the future.

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4. Offer your skills

Finally, if you know a small businesses could use your skills in graphic design, photography, video editing, content writing, web design, general business management or anything else, now would be a fantastic time to reach out and offer your time.

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