Sleep Hygiene 101

Its not wrong to assume that most of us don’t get a great sleep. We’re also not wrong in thinking that sleep is one of the most important factors in determining how well we do with our physical and mental health, our alertness, our ability to concentrate, and even our skincare routines! In short, sleep is critical to a happy and healthy life! How then, can we improve the length or quality of our chronic insomnia as quickly as possible:

Purge Your Devices

It’s no secret that our phone, laptop, and TV screens are terrible for getting us ready to sleep. If you can pull yourself to ban these from your bedroom altogether, then you will be well on your way to dramatically improving your ability to fall asleep and feel much better for it in the morning.

Use Night Mode/ Night Shift

If you can’t pull yourself to entirely purge your phone from the room, then you can switch the phone to night mode or ‘night shift’ to remove brighter colours (and particularly those pesky blues which are awful for our sleep cycle) from your eyes so close to bedtime.

Sleep Mask

Our devices aren’t the only sources of light harmful to our sleep, though, ambient street light pollution, or maybe the light from other rooms in the house can sneak into our rooms and convince our brains that they should be awake. Avoid this altogether with an eye mask while you sleep, drowning out all the residual light.


 If you want to step your sleep game up a tier, get some pillow/ bed scents such as lavender. These have a calming and pleasant effect that will help you fall over just that little bit easier.

Nightly Routine

Your body works like a clock. Treat it like one. Set yourself some nightly routines, maybe skincare, maybe reading, that your brain can begin to associate with sleepy time! Over time, these small habits will signal to your brain that its time to wind down!

Bedtime Stories

If you find that you have racing thoughts or overthink at night (and you haven’t entirely purged your devices) then it may be a good idea to distract your brain with some light, easy, bedtime stories. Search ‘sleep stories’ on your podcast platform of choice and you’ll be ready to get more than enough zzz’s.


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