Most Adorable Animal Cafes in Japan

There are no shortage of amazing things you can see and do in Japan. The country is rich in tradition and history, and rife with modern marvels. Japan is also widely known for hosting a bevy of quirky and kitschy establishments, beloved by locals and visitors alike. With as innovative and playful as things can get in Japan, it should really come as no surprise that animal cafes are totally a thing there. Yes, there are actually locations where you can not only have a refreshment, but interact with some cute and cuddly creatures at the same time.

The idea behind many of these establishments make sense. As space is at a premium in many urban areas of Japan, few people have the room for a pet of their own. Add in long work hours, and locals just don’t feel they can give a personal pet the attention it deserves. So, animal cafes are a way for many locals to get their critter fix. You might want to add one of these animal cafes to your itinerary for your next trip.

Temari No Ouchi Cat Cafe

You’ll want to prepare yourself for total cuteness overload before you visit this animal cafe. First off, there’s the cats. Long haired cats. Short haired cats. Striped cats. Spotted cats. Persian cats. At any time, the cafe is home to around 20-30 sweet and playful kitties. But, the cats aren’t the only thing that is adorable here. The cafe itself is simply precious. It’s actually looks like a little fairy tale village. There are plenty of places for the cats to climb, rest, and hide. There’s even a cat fountain water feature. The cats are totally the royalty of this kingdom, and they know it.

Mipig Cafe and Micro Pig House

There are few things on this earth cuter than a micro pig. That’s just facts. At this animal cafe, you can pet and interact with several micro pigs as you enjoy tea or coffee. There are both adult and baby pigs available to interact with. The cafe takes up three floors and is open from 10:00 until 20:00 every day. Reservations are required. Aside from your beverages, you are charged for your visit according to length of time you stay. The first 30 minutes will cost you 800 yen. After that, it is an additional 500 yen for every 30 minutes Our take? You can’t put a price on this kind of adorable.

ChikuChiku Cafe aka Hedgehog Home and Cafe

Though this place doesn’t serve food or drink, it does serve up a whole lot of cuteness. Visitors can bring in their own food and drink, or use the vending machine. Each person or group is escorted to an area. There they will find a precious little hedgehog, cavorting around in a rather elaborately set up cage. They’re basically dollhouses set up for the critters. There is a rule that you cannot go cage to cage, and you can only touch the hedgehog assigned to you. This is to keep the animals from getting stressed or over-handled. This is one of the more expensive pet cafes and will set you back about 1300 yen for 30 minutes. But, who can resist these faces?

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