Beaches With Crazy Colored Sand

When someone describes features that make a beach beautiful, usually one of the biggest things mentioned is white sand. Don’t get us wrong, we do love a good white sand beach. However, there are some beaches out there that have some amazing looking sandy shores that are much more colorful. Check out this list of beaches with crazy colored sand, you might just need to visit a few.

Orange Colored Sand At Ramla Bay In Malta

The sands of this beach are a vivid burnt-orange color with subtle red undertones. Thanks to oxidized limestone deposits as well as coral, beach-goers enjoy this unique hue. Not only is Ramla Bay a wonder for its uniquely colored sand, but it’s also close to Calypso Cave. In The Odyssey that cave is where Odysseus was said to be kept a prisoner for 7 years by Calypso herself. With beaches like this nearby, we can think of worse ways to spend 7 years.

Red Beach In Santorini, Greece

In a country that boasts too many gorgeous beaches to count, this one still manages to be a standout. It certainly doesn’t hurt that the sands at Red Beach are such a unique, deep red shade. The surrounding cliff faces are also incredible lush shades of red. The coloring here is due to combined pulverized volcanic rock in blacks and reds. The beach itself is a bit rocky, but the views are stunning. Snorkeling here is also top notch.

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Purple Colored Sand In Pfeiffer Beach, California

The violet colored sands at Pfeiffer Beach come from garnet and quartz deposits that tumble down from the mountains. Though traces of purple can always be seen, the best time to see the beach at its most colorful is right after a heavy rain storm. Typically, the purple is more swirled throughout the sand, rather than a full all over coloring. Still, the effect is quite breath-taking. There’s also plenty of other gorgeous scenery, with some fantastic natural rock formations and arches perfect for that vacay snap.

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Pink Sands Beach In Harbour Island, Bahamas

The Bahamas are a popular world vacation spot due to the tropical local and incredible beaches. The sand at Pink Sands Beach is the most lovely pastel pink you can imagine. This is due to the red shells of marine creatures called foraminifera. They may be microscopic themselves, but you can definitely see the hue to the sand. Broken coral pieces, shells, and calcium carbonate also have a hand in giving this beach some color.

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