Best Post-2020 Travel Destinations

It’s finally coming! An end to the year that we thought would never end. If you love traveling and exploring the world, then this has been a disastrous year with most of the world being closed off to everyone else. However, with vaccines becoming available in more and more countries, and Governments gradually becoming more comfortable with the idea of international travel, it’s time to start thinking about where you can go next! Here are a few of the best travel destinations to lose yourself and forget that 2020 was ever a thing:


According to the World Economic Forum, countries who showed strong responses to the pandemic can expect to see themselves rewarded with more tourism after the pandemic than before. They rate Vietnam highly as a post-covid destination given their relatively low case numbers and strong response to the pandemic. Vietnam was a beautiful country anyway and should always be in the top 10 for any intrepid explorer. A must see here is the UNESCO World Heritage Site Halong Bay, with one of the most spellbinding views in the world. However, Vietnam has not yet reopened to tourists, although this can likely be expected to happen in the new year as more tourists are able to vaccinate for Covid-19.


After a stressful year, it’s understandable if all you want from your next trip is to get away from it all and forget the world exists! On this front, the Maldives has got you covered. With a seemingly endless array of sandy beaches and peaceful overwater villas, you will be sure to find your own little piece of paradise in the Maldives to celebrate 2021. The Maldives are open to tourists.


If absolute serenity isn’t your thing and you’d rather get back to the hustle and bustle of a city, then Florence is the place to go. Get those instas that your feed has craved for the past year in the old streets or go see some of the Renaissance era’s finest art. Oh, and don’t forget to take a quick hop over to Pisa while you’re there and get your first peek at the leaning tower. It doesn’t matter, just get out there! After a rough start in the pandemic, Italy has been bouncing back hard and is already open to tourists again.

[all information relating to entry requirements for destinations is accurate at time of writing, December 2020].

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