New Year’s Resolutions: Travel Edition

With the Coronavirus taking over, Traveling has become a lot more difficult. We understand a lot of our readers are travel lovers and we could not feel you more! Hopefully, 2021 will look a little brighter than this year did – especially in terms of traveling and if it does, we have some travel-related New Year’s resolutions for you! If you’re a travel lover, want to go on a trip, or simply miss traveling in general – as most of you probably do – then this article is for you! Check out our list of Travel New Year’s Resolutions below.

Learn a New Language

Even when you aren’t actually on the road, you can plan and get excited about your next trip by learning the local language. There are wonderful free apps available such a Duolingo, that can kick-start you on your way to making a great impression when you get there. It makes traveling much easier to know basic phrases and the effort you put in will always be appreciated by the native speakers. If your efforts don’t go to plan, make sure you have the Hostelworld app on your phone and you can chat with the handy speaking translator.

Make the Most of Weekend Breaks

Plan ahead and don’t waste those weekends! You don’t need to go far to get traveling and exploring. So as soon as 5 pm Thursday rolls around get out there, drive to a city you’ve never been to before or jump on a short flight. Planning is crucial to utilize your time well but if you go away even one weekend every two months, that’s an extra 6 trips a year!

Travel Solo

If you often travel with friends or in a group, try traveling solo in 2019. There is nothing more liberating than traveling alone, realizing what you are capable of, and pushing your limits. You could start small and take a weekend away by yourself or go big and head out on an epic adventure! We guarantee you’ll discover more about yourself in a week away alone than multiple trips away with a friend. You’ll push yourself to meet new people and have only yourself to rely on to get around.

Live in the Moment

Sometimes we get caught up in the stresses of everyday life and forget to actually enjoy what we are doing! It’s important to stop, switch off (especially our devices) and take in the moment. Be present in the room and appreciate all that we have around us.

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