Unknown Direct Flight Destinations From The UAE

When planning a vacation, we either have a specific destination in mind or we are just desperate to travel anywhere. For the latter case, the crazy will to travel doesn’t mean that we are ready to spend 20 hours on connecting flights. What do we do? We go check out flight comparison sites, browse our favorite airline’s website if we’re in luck, we find the right fit, we book our ticket and off we go.

Next time, WAIT! There is one more thing you need to check out…alternative airports in the UAE. When’s the last time you checked flights leaving from Sharjah or Fujairah’s airport? We did it for you, and here are the hidden gems we found when ready to fly from an alternative airport…


Kathmandu, Nepal – Ras Al Khaimah // Air Arabia

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Kathmandu & Chitwan National Park 🇳🇵🤙🏼

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Who doesn’t dream to visit Nepal? Those landscapes, be it the snow-capped mountains of mount Everest and all the trekking options it offers, to the Koshi or Seti rivers for the kayaking lovers, and finally the iconic temples in the city, Kathmandu is definitely a must-see.


Antalya, Turkey – Sharjah // Air Arabia

If you are already a big fan of Istanbul or Bodrum, this is your next destination for sure! This ancient city has kept its charm, so tourists can enjoy walking by 2000-year old ruins and enjoy the gorgeous sand beaches. But, Antalya has also everything to please the party crowd, with clubs, beach bars, and amazing street food.


Varanasi, India – Sharjah // Air India Express

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Hi, let's explore the oldest city in the world Varanasi, India with me "Praveen" . These few lines by Author Mark Twain wrote in 1897 of Varanasi, say it all: "Benaras is older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend and looks twice as old as all of them put together" ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 👉 Festival Tour 👉 City Tour 👉 Heritage walking Tour 👉 Sunrise Tour 👉 Sunset Tour 👉Evening Walking Tour 👉 Temple Tour 👉 Spiritual journey 👉 Photography Tour Check Out details here ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ wwww.fb.com/Varanasiguide.in www.praveenvns.blogspot.in www.youtube.com/varanasiguide www.twitter.com/varanasi_guide . . . . . #varanasiguide #travel #tour #trip #travelblogger #instatravel #explore #travelporn #pictureoftheday #travelphotography #sunrise #traveldaries #traveladditc #india #traveltheworld #globetrotter #travellife #travelgram #instadaily #instaphoto #instapic #photographers #nomad #photography #travelblog #travelgram #instagram #viajar #byc2018 #varanasi

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When you live in the UAE, going to India is nearly as common as visiting Oman. I don’t know how many times I heard my colleagues choosing India for a short holiday…However, I often heard destinations such as Goa, Banglore, Rajasthan or Kerala but one I had never come across is Varanasi. There is a direct flight from Sharjah airport and after a bit of research on the city, I am definitely up for it. Varanasi is considered the spiritual capital of India. Located in the north of the country, the city is dedicated to goddess Shiva, and hosts more than 2,000 temples, making it a key city for Hindu pilgrims who travel from all around the world to bathe in the Grange river.


Yerevan, Armenia – Sharjah // Air Arabia

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The main building of Armenia #Marriott Hotel Yerevan has undergone a complete #renovation at the beginning of this year, preserving its unique cultural #heritage and providing a new #hotel experience for all our guests. Արմենիա Մարիոթ Երևան հյուրանոցի հիմնական շենքն ամբողջովին վերանորոգվել է անցյալ տարվա ընթացքում՝ պահպանելով իր բացառիկ մշակութային ժառանգությունը և ապահովելով հյուրանոցային նորացված փորձառնություն մեր բոլոր հյուրերի համար: #marriottEVN #Yerevan #RepublicSquare

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There is more to Armenia than the Kardashians! Yerevan is the perfect spot for the artists who like to wonder around cities and enjoy a coffee on an understated terrace. Yerevan has a great café and art culture as well as amazing food for a very decent price. Extra bonus: it’s only a 3-hour flight…

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