The List: Trip to Australia

1) Sunscreen

Do not pass go, do not collect 200 dirhams. This little baby right here will save your life. I don’t care if you’re thinking you’ve got the best base tan out of all your friends, the sun on the other side of the world is no joke. Having no ozone layer means seriouuuus sunburn business for Australia. My fave: Hawaiian Tropic Hydration Hydration Lotion


2) Hat

Be sun smart and chic all at once. Whip out those beautiful big straw holiday hats you’ve had stashed at the back of your cupboard for years. Not your vibe? I feel ya girl, add a Yankees cap to your next ASOS bikini order (which leads me to my next point)


3) Bikinis

Itsy bitsy, beach co-ords or full swimsuits, it doesn’t matter – just pack all of them.

The golden shores are calling and you need to look good for the ‘gram.


4) Travel coffee mug

The local cafes will love you for your recycling ways. Be eco-friendly and chic whilst standing firmly on your moral high ground.


5) Sunnies (Australian slang for sunglasses)

Refer to point 1. The sun is straight up thug. It holds no prisoners and no one likes squinty selfies. Bring plenty.


6) Appetite

The food is off the charts. Fresh and colourful, delish and healthy all at the same time. Your Stories will be filled with Avo on toast for days.


7) Waterproof phone/camera

To capture those beautiful sunset surf moments to really make

all your friends and family jelly. 


8) Beach clothes

Cute shorts and tops, beach dresses, sarongs – whatever takes your fancy, pack it. This is the perfect time to model them on the Bondi shores.


9) Bum bag

Time to justify that Saint Laurent belt bag, no need to look shabby just because you’re on holiday, riiiight? Fit all your essentials whilst keeping them safely with you. Fashion for the win!


10) Athleisure

They don’t take up very much room and you’ll blend in like a local since Australia is the home of active wear. Wear this to the shops, around town and to hipster cafes during the day.


11) Thongs (rubber flip-flops)

The holy grail of footwear in Australia. But be warned, the only ones to don are Havaianas.


12) Trainers

Don’t know about you but I can’t tell you how happy I am that trainers are in fashion RN so pack a couple of pairs of Nikes, Reeboks or Adidas!


13) Novels

Distances between cities in Australia are looooong, so either download some Netflix series or novels on your Kindle because you will need to kill some time as you commute.


14) An extra suitcase

Local clothes and jewellery designers/brands are super different to the American and British ones here in the Middle East, so pack a spare bag – you’re gonna need it!

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