Unique Must-Sees In Norway

Norway is a country that is steeped in natural beauty. The countryside is both rugged and breath-taking. Soaring fjords, jaw-dropping coastlines, snow-capped mountains, wooded paradises all await the intrepid traveler willing to step outside Oslo and do a bit of exploring. There are also enchanting coastal towns and tiny islands with white sand beaches. If Norway isn’t really on your bucket list, you might want to change that. Here are some unique and stunning must-see spots in Norway.


Have you ever seen those gasp-inducing photos of people standing on a boulder which has stubbornly wedged itself between two mountains? Well it turns out that boulder has a name: Kjerabolten. The stone itself sits on the air a dizzying 984 metres above the ground. If you’re in need of an adrenaline rush, or some serious Insta fodder, you can make the hike. It’s a difficult one, but apparently no special equipment is necessary to do it.

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Travel The Atlantic Ocean Road

Okay, the Atlantic Ocean Road may only be a little over 8 kms long, but this is one of the prettiest short-distance road trips you’ll ever take. The drive will have you crossing 7 bridges which arch and curve along the Norwegian sea, connecting several islands. There are a few places along the way where you can stop and admire the jaw-dropping scenery.

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The Beachy Beauty Of Sommaroy

Sommaroy is, without a doubt, one of the most idyllic little fishing villages on the planet. The village itself is beyond charming. But it’s the natural scenery, including white sand beaches, that really steal the show here. There are also plenty of hiking trails, some of which can lead to really spectacular views of beautiful, sleepy little Sommaroy.

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The Surreal Beauty Of The Lofoten Islands

Road tripping around the Lofoten Islands is an absolute must if you visit Norway. If you can, get a friend to do the driving, because you’re going to want to spend plenty of time hanging out the window taking pictures. Of course, you’ll be treated to plenty of mountains, fjords, rocky coasts, and lovely beaches along the way. This is a drive you really don’t want to rush, and if you can budget at least 3 days to fully enjoy everything to see along the way, do it!

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