Henna: 12 Designs We Love

Henna (or Mehndi) is by no means new. It has been used for many purposes as far back as ancient Egypt, and not only in a cosmetic context but also as a means of treating headaches and other ailments when applied to the skin. Now while I can’t vouch for the effectiveness of henna as a medicine, it can definitely be used to create some beautiful and complex body art designs. Traditionally, the inspiration for henna designs has been more floral and nature-inspired patterns, but as the popularity of henna art has increased, artists have created unique designs inspired by geometry, abstract shapes and even popular symbols. From simple, almost minimalist designs to incredibly intricate artworks, varying from more orange tones to almost black, there is a henna design to match your every preference and occasion.

Honestly, henna is so versatile and what you can do with it is endless. Whether you’re looking to get a design done by a professional or if you want to perfect your own henna talent at home, it’s a fun way to let your creativity roam free and decorate your body without the permanence and commitment of a real tattoo.  Henna designs will last anywhere between 1-3 weeks depending on how well your skin absorbs the product and the type of ink you’re using, so they’re ideal for your next vacation or event! Which design would you get?

Here are 12 gorgeous designs to get you inspired!

1: Lace It Up

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Henna @zagra_mehendi_risunkihnoi

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2: Through the Lines

3: Simplicity is Key

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4: The Girl in You

5: A True Work of Art

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Bridal henna for a very, very kind and gracious lady! When I started Amrit's bridal henna, the only one thing she requested was a bird cage. All else, she said, I could freestyle! And so.. that's just what I did. I let my imagination run wild and we were both so happy with the outcome ☺️ Amrit, you were a breeze to work with. Wishing you and Karan a lifetime of happiness! ✨ @amritsarai See if you find Karan's name in Amrit's mehendi 👀😉 #AK47 #hennabydivya #torontohennaartist #torontobridalhenna #bridalmehndi #hennadesign #hennaartist #indianbrides #hennainspire #indianweddinginspiration #indianbrides #indian_wedding_inspiration #wedmegood #customizedbridalhenna #lashkara #mehndi #indiandestinationweddings #mehndidesigns #bridalmehndi #sangeetmehndi #hennaartist #hennadesigns #indianweddingbuzz

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6:  The Astrologist in You

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طراحی با حنا. @desiree_beauty_salon

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7: A Leg-Up

8: A New Floral

9: A Full Sleeve

10: Some Nail Art

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nail designs 😍

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11: A Girl’s Day

12: Ramadan Kareem

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Ramadan Kareem

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