Beauty Bloggers in the UAE

Beauty – one of the biggest industries in the world. With the rise of influencers using social media as an outlet to showcase their talents, beauty influencers have emerged from all over the world and experimented with makeup using their faces as their canvases, and there is no exception for these talented beauty queens in the UAE.

Huda Kattan

In fact, one of the most popular beauty influencers worldwide is actually based in Dubai – Huda Kattan – or, better known by her social media name, ‘Huda Beauty’. Huda Kattan is an Iraqi makeup artist, born and raised in California. She is now one of the most popular beauty gurus on Instagram with a whopping 43 million followers! Huda resides in Dubai with her family, her husband Chris Goncalo, and her daughter Nour Giselle. Starting with her Lash brand, Huda beauty now has both her own makeup and skincare line under her name that you can find at the popular beauty department store – Sephora.

Najla Gun

Another prominent makeup artist in the UAE is Najla Gun. Najla is a Professional make-up artist based in Dubai with almost 10 years of experience in the artistry. Not only is she almost at 1 million followers on Instagram, but Najla has also worked with celebrities like Jordyn Woods, models, local personalities, and members of the Abu Dhabi Royal family.

Caren William

Caren William is a 21-year-old self-taught makeup artist from Egypt. Based in Dubai, Caren began uploading makeup tutorials onto her Instagram account back in 2017 as she was motivated by her family and friends who saw great potential in her work. Caren explains that makeup had been her source of happiness and hobby for quite some time and has accomplished so much over the last few years. From gaining almost 40K followers to her ‘Essence’ campaign in the spring of 2019. We love her work!

Judy Poulos

Judy Polous is a Syrian UAE-based makeup artist and resides in the region’s capital, Abu Dhabi. Judy started her makeup journey through her passion for the artistry and began posting videos on Instagram in addition to applying makeup on to her friends for practice. Through this, Judy has received opportunities to work on projects and collaborate with beauty brands such as Bioderma, Nyx, Vogacloset, and more. Judy is now at 40K followers on the social media platform and has also started a YouTube Channel.

Aliya Fatima

Lastly, we have another self-taught makeup artist based in the UAE, 21-year-old Aliya Fatima. Aliya is a senior in university but considers herself a full-time makeup artist and blogger in the beauty community. Her journey initially began through her mother who is also a makeup artist, and Aliya believes that this is her true path. She has done PR work with a lot of brands in the industry with her first ever being ‘Huda Beauty’ – the brand of fellow UAE based makeup artist, Huda Kattan.

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