Fun Beauty and Make Up Trends to Try this 2020

This decade, makeup is taking a more fluid and less structured route. Curious what make up trends are here this 2020? Look no further!

Colourful liner

Want to try something new but too unsure at this point? Why not start by substituting your regular black liner with a colored one. Dark blue is a nice starting point, and if you’re comfortable with it you can start to experiment with more daring colors like hot pink, yellow and white.

Glitter Lips & Eyes

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 Since the show Euphoria came into our lives, make up has forever taken a left turn into party territory. Subtle glitter eyeshadows without any structure and glitter lips can now be worn in a more subtle way on a daily basis and we forever have Euphoria to thank for that!

Gem Nail Art

The Euphoria inspo doesn’t stop at make-up, crystal nails are coming in hard this decade too. Who wouldn’t want to look down and see little disco parties on their nails? You can get them done at a nail salon or get creative and make it DIY at home project. Again, if you do like this trend but feel Swarowski crystals may be pushing it, why not start out easy, by opting for a glitter shade of nail polish the next time you get your nails done

Hair Clips

If you didn’t get on the hair clip train in 2019, then you’re in luck because the train has not left yet. We dove into the new decade holding on dearly to this trend as it was just too good to give up. Just because we’re wearing a 90s kid trend, doesn’t mean we can’t chic it up by opting for gold pins, pearl slips, or some opaque colored ones for a more subtle look.

Feathered Brows

This look can be worn day and night and its intensity can be adjusted accordingly. This is truly a very minimal beauty tweak but gives an overall modern look. You can achieve this very fashion forward look by using an eyebrow gel and brushing the hairs upward with a mascara wand. You can intensify by using a colored eyebrow pencil to draw hairs in the sparser areas.

Floating Eyeliner

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 My personal favorite- this look is minimal yet powerful. Try this first at a party setting so you don’t feel too over the top with it and see how you feel and how it’s received. You can use black, or colored lined to draw over your lids, or opts for a bolder color like fire red and deep burgundy. Make up, just like clothes should be worn as per your mood, so if you are feeling a little more fun one day, give this a try!

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