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High coverage, a matte foundation is what I need in my life on the daily. I am a super fan of that flawless finish, and love to cake that sh*t on. Of course, doing this on the daily can be not only bad for your skin, but also quite the intense process. My go-to is usually the Urban Decay All Nighter, but this one is really better off used when going out, or getting ready for a special occasion – and not really the type of everyday foundation.

When chatting to my beauty BFF Alexys about my wanting to try a second foundation that I can use on the daily, but will still give me that intense high & matte coverage – she absolutely came to the rescue with this beauty dilemma and told me to try the Tarte, Amazonian Clay Foundation. Good thing I was in the mall when we were having this convo, so I went straight to Sephora and picked up one of these bad boys.

This foundation very quickly became my new absolute favourite to use every day. Although it is considered high coverage and quite intense by some – for me it felt much more breathable and lighter than my All Nighter (that I still love and adore – but use more for full glam). What I absolutely love about this foundation is that it has a lot of skin care properties – the amazonian clay found in the foundation addresses a lot of skin concerns by improving your overall skin clarity and texture. The full coverage properties also help cover the appearance of any large pores, discolouration and any other imperfections.

This vegan brand has a fab formula for this foundation with all mineral, and non-chemical sunscreen filters and is also oil-free. YAY!

I give this a solid 8.89/10.

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