Summer Makeup Trends

We might not have got to enjoy much of a summer this year, for obvious reasons. However, whether you’re getting out and about again, going to the beach, experimenting in the house, or need a new zoom meeting look, there’s plenty of new trends for you to try out. Heres some of my favourite summer 2020 makeup trends:

Floating Eyeliner

If you feel like switching out from your classic cat-eye look, the floating eyeliner (or invisible eyeliner) look might be for you! Here, the areas around your eyelid where you don’t apply eyeliner are just as important; it uses the negative space to create the impression of a flicked look. You’ll need plenty of practice though, as the look isn’t easy to master!

Hot Pink Lip

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I want to tell you a couple things… 1. you’re beautiful with makeup but you’re even more beautiful with nothing but moisturizer and your soul is radiating joy & kindness to make others feel special and beautiful around you. 2. I like seeing cellulite. 3. Sometimes I feel so far away from how I look in this picture- I have a wig on, fake eyelashes and a lot of carefully applied makeup that makes me look much more “instagram beautiful” than I look, overlined lips, brows filled in just how I like em’, skin covered up and contoured to a faux flawless perfection, but right now my hair is unbrushed & I have -1% makeup on & I’m wearing some ugly workout shorts that I can never manage to give away. Life is too short to only be “eye pretty” instead of “heart & soul stunning”💕 I love you & don’t forget you’re amazing & a priceless treasure!😘 #pinkhair & #pink #eyemakeup but not #pinkeye 😂

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I don’t care what colour of lipstick you’re using right now because you need to swap it for some hot pink! It’s been recommended that you get some extra cred for throwing in some pink accents across the rest of your look.


Give your summer look a little sparkle because glitter is in! If a more subtle look is what you’re going for, consider a glittery eyeshadow!

Colorful Eyes

Whether your thing is neon, blocked, pastel, glittery (see above), or even going for a mismatched look, stand-out, colorful eyes are where it’s at right now so get experimenting!

Bright Mascara

Surprise, surprise! Another bright eye look to bring to the mix. Gone are the days when you are restricted to black mascara, in summer 2020 you can get a lil’ creative and bring a bit of hue to treat your lashes!

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