I Used Magnetic Eyeliner False Eyelashes And I Had Thoughts

Hi, my name is Jess, and up until October of last year, I had never worn false eyelashes. There are a few reasons for this, which I’ll get into later. But, on Halloween, I decided I was going to finally try out some falsies. Because you know, masks and social distancing, my eyes had to pop. So, I decided to go with what appeared to be the path of least resistance. I don’t trust my coordination, or my skill with glue right near my eyeballs, so I decided to try magnetic eyeliner false lashes. How did it go and have I worn them since? Well, I definitely had/ have thoughts.

A Novice Enters The Chat

So look, I’m going to come right out and say I am in no means a false eyelash expert. You know how some men seem to have the most incredible eyelashes? My dad was definitely one of those guys. While what I inherited in that department from him doesn’t really compare to that absolute glory, I did pretty okay. So to me, falsies never seemed like a necessity. Add to that the trauma of watching my aunt rip off her falsies when I was six, without knowing that falsies were even a thing, and well, you get the drift. That’s not to say that over the years I wasn’t curious from time to time. Anyone who has watched a beauty vlog can see the difference a pair of false lashes can make. So, I decided what better time to dip my toe into the world of all things false lashes than Halloween. Anyway, here’s what happened:

I Can Never Be A Surgeon

It’s true, and not just because I never went to medical school. I sometimes suffer from very shaky hands. So, when it came time to pick a type of falsie, I knew glue was not an option for me. I did a bit of online research and knew that nothing where I had to apply glue, then hold the lash in place while the glue dried, possibly cut the lash to fit, curl the lash, and basically jump through a bunch of hoops was gonna work for me. I had seen a few ads pop up on my Facebook for lashes which used magnetic eyeliner as a means to keep the lashes in place and I was intrigued. While I was certainly new to the world of falsies, the world of eyeliner had been one I had been faithfully inhabiting for many years. I had a teenage goth-phase, so ’nuff said. This, I could totally do. But, I had questions. How could they possibly stay on? Was magnetic crap really safe to put on your eyes? How hard would it be to get off? Would I end up looking insane?

Skeptical Is My Middle Name

I have been burned by “miracle” products before. You see the ads and videos, and you KNOW these people are getting paid to totally hype this stuff up, and yet you still cave and try them out every now and again. So, instead of going with a brand that was being beauty blogger or ad pushed, I went to my favorite place to find truly unbiased and savage reviews: Amazon. My goal was to find a brand that had a high star rating (4 or better) and a ton of reviews. I also wanted a package that came with more than one type of lash, and was under AED 100. I didn’t want to spend serious cash on something I was super skeptical about in general, let alone doubted my own ability to really rock or properly use. There’s put together girls, and then there’s me:

And The Winner Is

So, I finally settled on trying out these, which were at the time I bought them, around 100 AED. With over 37k ratings, and still managing to pull a 4 star ranking, I figured they were pretty safe and affordable. I liked the fact that they had a few pair of lashes in the packaging that were more natural looking, and then a few that were full on glam for my Halloween purposes. I also liked that they were synthetic, so you know, no animals suffered for my beauty experiments. They were also “strip lashes”, meaning they come in all one piece. Which, seriously, I’ve seen the kits that come with all those little individual pieces, and who has time for that?!

Photo Credit: Amazon

The Moment Of Truth

So, the big day arrives and my package gets to my house. I open up the kit. I read the directions. I instantly have thoughts. Alright, so, it clearly states on the box that in order for these falsies to really stick, you have to shake the tube of eyeliner really well for a minute. Lazy me instantly wonders if I want to commit to that. I do it anyway. I unscrew the wand and instantly start to panic a little. The applicator is really thin, and absolute precision ain’t always my “thang”. Thankfully, I had been liking liquid liners more than pencil/ kohl in general over the past couple of years, so I had had some experience. However, if you don’t really do liquid liner, you might feel a bit intimidated. You obviously want to get a very sharp line as close as possible to the edge of your lid because your lash will be sticking to this. So, if you make some weird crazy line that squiggles all over your lid, your lash in gonna look a bit insane. I worried this would somehow be me:

Just Do It

Okay, so I bite the bullet and dive in. I very slowly begin to make my line across the lid, trying to make it as clean as possible. I am also terrified about getting this stuff inside my actual eyeball. But, it glides on smoothly, and is incredibly dark. I almost wonder for a second if I wouldn’t use this as a normal eyeliner without the eyelashes. Then I immediately picture pieces of metal randomly flying at my face and sticking to my eyelids. Because you know, I am completely irrational. The nice thing is, that I don’t have to do any rushing. Unlike glue, you want this stuff to dry before you apply the lash. So, if you are OCD about getting that perfect cat-eye, no worries. The liner dries pretty quickly and then I try to be fancy and apply the lash with the tongs. I fail spectacularly and end up using my finger instead. I gasp as the lash grabs right onto the liner. What black magic is this?!

The Final Verdict

So, after I got them both on, I stood back, mildly impressed with what I had accomplished. I was mildly annoyed for the first couple of minutes that I was so much more aware of my lashes with the falsies on. Like, just looking around the room, they kind of fluttered around my line of sight. That went away after awhile though, your mind kind of tunes it out. But, they were actually staying in place! I ended up applying two layers of the eyeliner, just to be safe. This is especially helpful for the inner and outer edges, where I did experience some curling up and away from the lid if I didn’t double down on the liner. I have also since experimented with not shaking the tube of liner, because I’m lazy. It’s not a good idea, don’t do it. Also, after putting these on, do not stick your face into a hot oven to pull out your food. It burns, a lot. But, can I just say that these things are rather amazing. They stayed in place for the entire 6 hours I had them on. The more natural pairs of lashes did actually provide a nice boost to my eyes without being too dramatic. As for taking them off, it is painless. But, it does take quite a bit of scrubbing to remove the liner. They are also totally reusable. I’ve been won over. While these won’t be a regular part of my beauty/makeup routine because I’m too lazy, they are a fun addition every now and again. If you’ve been considering trying out these types of lashes, I definitely encourage you to. If I can do it, you certainly can.

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