Top DIY Apps For Creative Inspiration

Want to create something beautiful or start a fun project but not sure where to start? Here are the best DIY apps to provide you with inspiration and instructions!

1. DIY Projects

This exclusive to Android app is a trove of ideas! With categories like make your own birthday cards, drawing and painting, home decoration, mehndi designs, jewelry, and make up tutorials, this app has got your DIY needs covered! This is a great place for a novice to find ideas in a myriad of categories. The app is incredibly easy to navigate and the tutorial videos are extensive.  The only problem you might have with this app is choosing what to try first!

2. DIY Gifts Project Ideas

You might lose track of time scrolling through all the great DIY ideas on this app! With simply two tabs and a search bar, users can browse either the most popular or most recent projects. This app offers a checklist for materials that you will need to complete your masterpiece, followed by a quick photo collage of the steps needed. If you need more clarification or further instructions, a link to the full tutorial is listed at the bottom of each listing

3. Snapguide

An iOS only offering, Snapguide is a visually pleasing do-it-yourself app that allows users to not only search a wide variety of online tutorials, but also to upload their own guides. From gardening, to arts and crafts, to even recipes, this app offers detailed instructions and photos to help aid the completion of any project you decide to undertake! You also have the ability to comment on the guides, as well as share them to let others in on your creative genius or your great crafting find!

4. WikiHow

This incredibly comprehensive and streamlined app takes a lot of the guesswork out of DIY projects! Not only do their guides offer both written and visual instructions to ensure your success, but there is also a tips section and a warning section for possible crafting/DIY mishaps. There is also a “things you will need” checklist, as well as a community question and answer portion to each entry. You can even bookmark projects to revisit them in the future! You can search by category, use their search bar, or be given a random DIY. (I got “How to Make A Dobby Costume”). With so much and such thorough content, this is a must try app!

5. DIY Arts and Crafts

Swipe your way through this image gallery based app until you see something that you like! Once you have your project picked out, simply tap the “How to” tab to get written step by step instructions. Though not quite as populated with possible projects as our other top picks, the ease of use and gallery style interface do have their appeal!

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