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Being Australian I take avocado probably a lot more seriously than most. Which I get is probably a little irrational, but also kinda justified? I’m blaming culture here. I have been eating avocado since I was a baby, so I feel somewhat authorized to make this list. Maybe I’m a little more opinionated than those who have just jumped on the green bandwagon in the last few years…

So without further do, he’s the best spots in Dubai to sample some of the best avo on toast.

1. Tom&Serg

A bit of a given since one of the owners is Aussie. To be fair, their entire menu is bomb and whenever I have visitors in town I always take them here (or Common Grounds, or the Sum of Us) since I know they will be serve up some bangin’ coffee and pretty delicious avo on toast. They make it look like a piece of art and honestly, anything worth instagramming usually tastes just as good.

2. PureSouth

This is a bit of a newby in town and still tasty AF – Pure South in the Greens. They do an avo toastie finished with micro herbs (ca-ute) and dukkah for some local influence. This is a good shout if you’re in the market for some avo on the run.

3. Larte

One of my friends just introduced this one to me the other day. It’s perfect to cure some mid-week blues in Dubai Design District. Their avocados are always fresh and served on some Italian bread. Dream team.

4. Café Rider

Crushed avocado on toast? Mmmhmm yes ma’am, sign me up. This one comes with lime, cherry tomatoes and feta. Also it’s served up in a pretty cool warehouse style café. If you’re feeling a little edgy and want to people watch whilst chowing on God’s green fruit, this is the spot.

5. Surf Café

Conveniently located in Jumeirah this super cute surfie spot serves up some delish dishes. Served on a rye bread, the avo has some perfect partners with some tasty eggies, rocket and olive tapenade. Also a sweet spot for going for a quick stroll afterwards to work off that brekky.

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