The Top 5: American Restaurants in DXB

When we think American food, we can’t help but think of burgers, pancakes, milkshakes, BBQ’s, steaks, and of course huge portions that’ll plunge you deep into a well-deserved food coma right after if you’re not careful! Lucky for us, Dubai is littered with many delicious American imports that’ll transport you right to the heart of the US of A. Here are the top 5 of those spots!

1) Shake Shack

shake shack Dubai american restaurant

Photo cred: Shake Shack 

Because no self-respecting list of American restaurants can omit the mother of all burger joints – Shake Shack. The sheer freshness and flavor of these burgers should be enough to entice you, but if you need more of a reason, their cheese fries are simply works of art. The menu keeps things simple, focusing on quality rather than variety but there’s a choice for every burger or hot-dog lover. If you have some space left in your stomach after all that, don’t miss their frozen custard specialties!

2) Soho Bar and Grill

Ribs and wings, Soho Bar and Grill American food Dubai

Photo cred: Soho Bar and Grill

From wings, ribs, and all manner of fried delights, to sizable steaks and, of course, all-American sides like the simple mac and cheese, Soho Bar and Grill is a meat lover’s paradise. Come for the grilled steaks but don’t miss the starters! We recommend you go with a group, so you can share and try as many things as possible. Since everyone loves a great burger, this spot was voted Dubai’s Best Burger in 2014 – up to you to see if that’s still valid!

3) Claw BBQ

crab Claw BBQ Dubai American restaurant

Photo cred: Claw BBQ facebook

Dubai’s ultimate American Crab-shack, Claw promises to be a messy experience in the best way possible. While they have a full menu with all kinds of dishes, the seafood is where they excel and what we would recommend! This place is also about the atmosphere though, and they have a couple of awesomely glutenous food challenges you could try if you’re feeling risky, like their 2.5 kg burger that’ll get you immortalized on their wall of fame if you manage to finish it – advance with caution, sweatpants encouraged!

4) Eggspectation

breakfast eggspectation Dubai american food

Photo cred: Zomato

If you’re looking for an American breakfast spot where you can also indulge your brunch desires with more substantial meals, Eggspectation is not to be missed. They serve everything from grilled cheeses and bagels to every kind of egg dish you can imagine, without, of course, forgetting the pancakes and waffles. They even have All-American classics like steak and eggs, chicken and waffles, or huge pancake stacks. Honestly, you should just go check it! Trust us.

5) Chain lovin’

Hard Rock cafe Dubai Mac and Cheese

For something more American in the huge-portion chain sense, there are a few good options for you, and we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t let you know about them all. Hard Rock Café, Cheesecake Factory or Buffalo Wild Wings are the biggest names in American cuisine and you’ll find them everywhere around the world! They do have a chain-restaurant feel to them because that’s what they are, but the food is great, the portions are savage, and they’re perfect for hungry groups.


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