A Taste of Spain in Dubai

If you’re one to daydream about summers spent basking in that beautiful sun along the coastal shores of La Costa Brava in Spain and picking at some tapas, we’ve got a few spots around Dubai that can get you as close to that mouth-watering experience as possible without actually leaving the country. Here are a few Spanish restaurants in Dubai to try out! 


Casa de Tapas

Down by the Yacht Club at the Dubai Creek, this spot brings you some of the best and most authentic tapas in town. If you love food as much as we do and can’t decide on just one dish, try their Friday brunch where you have a wide selection of meats and cheese and Mediterranean flavors that will have you screaming (cue Austin Powers) “Get in my Belly!” 



Traditional food-sharing platters with a modern twist, Salero offers that true bodega vibe serving up some of the best Paella dishes we’ve come to try. A little tip on how to spot a good paella: the crusty, burnt layer underneath the rice where all the flavor lies. The Valencianos (the OGs of the Paella) found it so important they even named it – Socarrat. After scraping up that caramelized and toasted heavenly goodness at the bottom of the pan, we knew this was a place to remember. Wednesday nights not only can you enjoy the live band but also a beautiful Flamenco performance that leaves you in awe. 


Al Hambra

This is what we call dinner with a view. You’ve got the raw Spanish flavors that transcends you to a bustling and rustic Valencian tavern. Although the most popular Paella known across the seas is the Seafood Paella, it’s not actually the original. Wanna take a guess? Try chicken, rabbit, and snails! Al Hambra serves up an amazing traditional chicken and rabbit paella (unfortunately snails didn’t make the cut!) that will keep you coming back for more.

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