Craziest Hot Chocolates To Exist!

For all the Middle East inhabitants, we tend to binge on Frappuccino’s and milkshakes almost all months throughout the year. However, when winter season approaches, we are just like the rest of the world: a crave for hot chocolate!

There is something very comforting about a hot chocolate. It could be a childhood memory, or possibly the memory when traveling abroad. No matter where this sweet spot for hot chocolate comes from, we all deserve to drink one this winter. The bad rep of hot chocolate is often down to the calories it contains, so if you feel like you should only go for a couple of hot chocolates this holiday season, why not try something completely crazy? Keep reading to find out the craziest hot chocolate being served all around the world.  

1. The Classic Unicorn Hot Chocolate by Creme and Sugar, Del Mar, United States

Yes, you read that correctly, the California-based team describes this as their “classic” unicorn hot chocolate. If this is a classic, I cannot wait to see what the unique Unicorn hot chocolate looks like. One word, YUM!

2) Bombobar’s funfetti and chocoholic, Chicago, United States

Two for one! Who came up with the idea of adding a wafer on top of a hot chocolate and fill it with as many sweets as possible? To all you sugarholics, you would definitely have the appetite to drink the actual hot chocolate under all those sweets!

3) Hash Speciality Coffee, Melbourne, Australia

How fun does this look? Ok, if you actually go on their Instagram page you will view videos of how to make your hot chocolate… and let me tell you, it can get pretttty messy…

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a chocolate a day keeps bad mood away…

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4) The classy luxury Four Seasons Vail hot chocolate, Vail, United States

How gorgeous is this? A real piece of art. The cups come with this chocolate decor and a home-made marshmallow that melts when pouring the rich hot chocolate on top. So instagram-worthy!

5) Dominique Ansel’s blossoming hot chocolate, New York, United States

Dominique Ansel is actually the inventor of the cronut! That’s when you know you can trust him to bring creativity to even something as simple as a hot chocolate. Here is his poetic version of it. Bon appetit!

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