Deliveroo Iftars Worth Ordering In

While it is Ramadan, sad to say some of us do not have the luxury of lounging around all day, and while still at home, have the chaos of our regular days to deal with. Whether it be taking care of the toddlers or spending the day on zoom calls catching up with your colleagues, come time to prepare for Iftar you are absolutely knackered.

You’ll be thanking us later, but The Modern East has put together our favorite Deliveroo Iftars that are 100% worth ordering in for.


Whether you’re craving dips and pita, fancy a fresh Greek Salad, or in the mood for a tempting Kleftiko, Deliveroo can bring OPA to you. With a curated Ramadan combo, enjoy a choice of dip, salad and pie, the option of 1 of their famous mains to choose from and a dessert, for AED 120. This already has us drooling…

Miss Lily’s – Jerk Shack

One of Dubai’s favorite Jamaican hotspots is bringing that punch to your home with their recent launch of Miss Lily’s Jerk Shack now on Deliveroo. For starters, I would suggest their Jamaican Patties, Ackee Hummus, Salt cod Fritters and famous Jerk Corn. For salad, krunch into their Kale Caesar and for mains, dig into their specialties. With so many options to choose from, I would recommend to go hard and try out their Jerk Chicken, Oxtail Stew, Curry Goat Stew and Escovitched Fish to really get a feel for those Caribbean flavors. And let’s not forget the sides… Rice & Peas, Plantain and Crispy Okra & Potato. While there’s always room to indulge, dig into their dessert options and choose from options such as  Homemade Coconuts cake, Dark & Stormy Cake or Jamaican Queen Cake. DROOL!

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