Romantic UAE Restaurants For V-Day

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, you might be starting to think about romantic venues for V-Day dindin. We wholeheartedly support your planning game, and want to help you along in your search. Besides, waiting until the last minute to make a reservation for Valentine’s Day dinner is usually a pretty bad idea. Especially if you’re dining somewhere with a spectacular view. There’s no way to request one of those coveted window tables if there’s no tables at all left available. So, with that in mind, here’s our top picks for the most romantic UAE restaurants for Valentine’s Day.

Eauzone (Dubai)

For some, there’s nothing more romantic than dining by the beach. Eauzone definitely benefits from its prime location right beside the gorgeous Arabian Gulf. Lovely enough by day, it’s at sunset and in the evening that this restaurant really comes alive and positively screams romance. Softly twinkling lights help set the scene, their glow reflected in the tranquil waters of the beautiful pool and fountain features. Eating in the main dining room of this Asian fusion eatery would make any night all the more romantic. But, if you want to up the ante even further, try to reserve one of the floating Majlis. They hover over the water and can make you feel like you’re the only two people in the world.

Stratos (Abu Dhabi)

You know that feeling you get when you’re really in love where you swear your SO makes the world turn? Well, this entry in our romantic UAE restaurants list actually does spin. Well, slowly turns anyway. From this sleek and charming restaurant, you and your main squeeze will be treated to gorgeous 360 views of the city lights below. The view directly across the table from you might take your breath away, but so will the constantly changing scenery right outside the huge windows. The menu offers plenty of variety and quality. You’ll find everything from fresh fish and seafood, to mouth-watering steaks big enough for 2 to share. It is a bit of a splurge, but Valentine’s Day does only come once a year.

Zanzi Bar (Ajman)

Located at the Ajman Hotel, Zanzi Bar is, without a doubt, one of the ultimate romantic UAE restaurants. There’s restaurants that offer beach-side dining, and then there’s restaurants that will have you dining on the beach. Intimate tables are actually set right out in the beautiful white sand, with the waves lapping softly against the shore impossibly nearby. At night, the romance factor is in full swing as candles and soft lighting help to set the mood. This place is pretty much guaranteed to get the sparks flying as you dine on seafood dishes and watch the sunset over the water. When the sun goes down, you’ll get to eat out under the endless canopy of stars. Zanzi Bar also offers couples dinners for a set price. You’ll get to indulge in a 4 course set menu dinner, and finish the meal off with chocolate cake or cheesecake. You’ll also be able to toast your love with water, soft drinks, or a glass of bubbly, all while basking in the gorgeous scenery and incredible company.

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