DIY Mother’s Day Gifts That Will Melt Her Heart

Remember when you came home from school as a kid, and your mom would hang up just about every single arts and crafts project you made in class on the fridge for a while? Or even the countless stick figures of you and her that you drew? Chances are good that they weren’t on display because you were the next Picasso. As proud of your budding artsy chops as she may have been, the fact that you made it is what filled her with the most joy. While there are countless good gifts out there that you could get mom at the store that are ready to go, you might want to consider going back to basics and making her something. She will appreciate the time and thought you put into the project and that it was something you created. Best of all, you don’t need to be wildly artistic for any of these ideas to come out well.

Then and Now Side-By-Side Pictures

DIY Mother's Day Gifts - The Modern East

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So, these have been alllll over the internet, and there’s a reason they go viral so often. Have a memorable laugh this mother’s day. They are almost always completely adorable, heart-warming, and sometimes incredibly hilarious. I actually did this for my mother one year, and it made her full on ugly cry. No joke. So, you will need to raid the family albums and find a picture of yourself (or yourself and your siblings) from your younger days. Your mom might even have a few that are her favorites, it would be easy enough to ask which ones those are without giving anything away. Then, try to recreate the picture of the younger you (or all of you) as faithfully as possible. Get them printed and enlarged if need be and put them in some gorgeous frames and get ready for the water works (or the laughter).  

DIY Marbled Planters

DIY Mother's Day Gifts - The Modern East

This idea from Karen Pham involves making planters with pots or even mugs and some nail polish. It’s likely you’ve already got nail polish and remover sitting around at home, and the additional supplies needed are minimal. Best of all, the process is gloriously uncomplicated and it looks great. Pick mom up one of her favorite plants after you’ve completed the project and you’ve got a winning gift that any mom would be proud to put on display. Find the directions for this adorable mother’s day activity here.


DIY Coffee and Cream Bath Bombs

DIY Mother's Day Gifts - The Modern East

Help mom have a spa day whenever she wants by making her bath bombs for mother’s day! Once you get the molds, they are actually amazingly easy to make. Just be warned that they do take about 6-8 hours to dry. If your mom is a coffee lover, this would be a great gift. You could even make it a theme by also including a gift card to her favorite place for java, and gifting her a mug or some high end beans. Find the recipe for the coffee and cream bombs here. You could also try lavendar to help her relax. Or any of these herbal varieties.

If you are still stuck on getting inspired, check out this gift guide that your mother will love!

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