How To: Gracefully Remove Yourself From A Situation

We’ve all found ourselves in a situation that we’d rather not be in. Sometimes, it can be difficult to know how to remove yourself from said situation in a tactful way. Next time you find yourself in one of these less than desirable spots, try out some of these tips.

Beware The Drama Llamas

We likely all know a person or two who seem to live for drama. While a juicy bit of gossip is hard for even the best of us to pass up, it can sometimes lead to finding ourselves in an uncomfortable position or situation down the road. To avoid that possible future discomfort, remove yourself from the drama circle early. Simply walking away, or refusing to join in on the shade throwing, are quite effective. Drama often dries up when there is no one to fan the flame.

Admit When You’re Out Of Your Depth

It can be difficult to admit when you’re out of your comfort zone, or don’t have all the answers. If you find yourself suddenly in the awkward position where someone has come to you asking for advice you just don’t feel comfortable giving, admit that. There’s no shame in it. Need a minute to think? Ask to come back to the question.

Phone A Friend

Have a date that has basically devolved into a dumpster fire? At a party or a gathering that you’re just not getting those awesome vibes from? Ask a friend to call you at a certain time. If you’re having fun, you can always stay. If not, well then your friend ‘s call is now your out. It may seem like an “oldest trick in the book” kinda tactic, but it works!

Walk It Off

Sometimes you just have to walk away, literally. Lovers’ quarrel? Steamed at a co-worker or boss? Take a walk. Cooler heads will prevail. A speedy exit is much more graceful than words you can’t take back.


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