5 Cool Things To See: The UAE

The UAE is full of tons of amazing things to see. We’ve got culture, modernity, history, and natural splendors that rival anywhere else in the world. We know we don’t have to try to persuade you about how completely epic our corner of the globe is. But, we do wanna share 5 of the coolest things to see in all of the UAE.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque: Abu Dhabi

Few buildings quite blend old world grandeur with modern aesthetics as well as this mosque. Its appearance definitely hearkens back to ancient times, and yet it is a modern day marvel. The huge building with its gorgeous white walls, luxurious gold interiors, sprawling mosaic tile work, and feats of glass is truly awe-inspiring.

Singing Sand Dunes of Liwa

Did you know what sand can sing? Liwa is one of about 30 places on earth where you can actually hear the sound that’s been likened to that of a low-flying plane. The phenomenon is said to be caused by the vibrations made as grains of sand fall on top of each other. Experts have just begun to study the singing dunes, but agree that Liwa is where the sound is the most pronounced. To find these dunes, you’ll want to grab a guide, lest you end up wandering the desert much longer than expected.

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We love the Arabian Peninsula, where Oman, southern UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen are of particular interest. During a diving trip to Oman a few years back, we decided to do a side trip to the Liwa Oasis in the Empty Quarter region in the border region of UAE, Oman and Saudi Arabia. We drove 10+ hours during the night only to arrive during sunrise the next morning. Liwa has the highest sand dunes in this region and we saw many spectacular vistas of incomparable apricot-colored sand dunes during our morning hike. It was during July and the temperature was way into the 30ies already at 6 am. #liwa #liwaoasis #liwasanddunes #emptyquarter #uae #emirates #saudiarabia #berejst #mosttraveledpeople

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Moreeb Dune

Up for a challenge? Then try to climb the massive dune which has been dubbed “The Scary Mountain”. You’ll want to stretch before you try to tackle this bad boy, which is the one of the largest in all the world. Expect a steep 50 degree incline on the way up. But the view from the top is one of the best in all of the UAE.

Million Street

During most parts of the year, you might find the stretch of desert road in Abu Dhabi called Million Street to be somewhat unremarkable. But, come December, it is the catwalk for the very best camel beauty pageant the UAE has to offer. It takes place during the Al Dhafra Festival, which is meant to celebrate Bedouin culture.

Jebel Hafeet Beehive Tombs

Amid the stunning backdrop of the Jebel Hafeet Mountain, you’ll find what appear to be small stone igloos. There are more than 500 of them scattered about, dating back over 5000 years. The igloos are actually ancient tombs, and are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The drive to get there is lovely, but you’ll have to go off-road to find the tombs. Just proceed with care, some still contain human remains.

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