5 One Of A Kind Restaurants in Japan

Most of us have a favourite restaurant that we can’t live without at home. Maybe we cherish one place for the ambience or the views, and another for the dish they make better than anyone else around. Everybody has somewhere they tell all their friends is a must go to nosh! However, one of our favourite things to do on holiday is discovering new and exciting places to eat. If you find yourself on holiday in Japan looking for a unique experience when hunger pangs strike,  look no further than these totally one of a kind eateries in Japan that you’ll tell everyone about!

Ninja Akasaka

There’s a nondescript black door in Tokyo next to Tokyu Plaza, it’s small and unassuming. If you can find it and venture inside, you will be whisked away by a guide on a journey to “The Village” where you will be shown to a table to dine in a Japanese castle style setting. Your waiter is, naturally, a ninja and will sneak up on you and invite you to partake in some food with very ninja-centric presentations. Katanas as serving dishes, throwing star-shaped food, and mysterious ninjas, all come together to make this one very memorable dining experience. By all accounts the cuisine doesn’t suffer for the kitsch, mark this one down as a must!


Kawaii Monster Cafe

Ever want to eat in the inside of a monster’s stomach? That’s the idea behind this cafe in Harajuku . In actuality, it looks more like a cafe where the game Candy Crush and Alice in Wonderland collided. Bright, colourful, and eccentric, the design was actually carefully planned by artist Sebastian Matsuda as a commentary of how Japan is constantly chewing up old trends and spitting out new ones. The atmosphere here is understandably light and cheerful with servers dressed as brightly as their surroundings and the menu is likewise whimsical. Only in Japan!




In a country already well known for fantastically fresh fish, this restaurant takes it to a whole other level! Upon walking in you will see a large fishing boat surrounded by water and live fish. Next, borrow a fishing rod from the staff and fish for your dinner!  Upon getting your catch, you can then return to the staff and let them know how you wish the chefs to prepare your dinner. You can pick two preparations, one of them being raw is highly encouraged but not mandatory. If you want to get the full one of a kind experience of dining on the boat, making reservations beforehand is a must.


Akiba Fukurou Owl Cafe

Who doesn’t wanna sip a coffee with a parliament of owls in attendance? This cafe features around 20 adorable owls that you can take pictures with, hold, and pet as you enjoy your refreshments. For the safety and comfort of the animals, some rules do apply like no flash photography or video. Group size is kept to a minimum so make those reservations early in your stay!

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Robot Restaurant

We’ve definitely saved the biggest, brightest, and craziest for last! Prepare for a one of a kind spectacle for the eyes and ears the likes of which you will never see again, unless you plan to come back and visit this restaurant again. This is quintessential Japanese pop art culture at its absolutely most frantic and finest. Pulsing music, robots, dancers, monsters, lasers, neon, and animals all collaborate to enthrall and wow you during your meal. That’s if you remember to eat amid all that wonderful insanity!


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