Beautiful Places That Shine In Spring

Many top travel destinations have something to offer visitors no matter what time of year you visit. However, some places really seem to shine in spring. Mild weather and beautiful blooms are some of the major draws to certain areas, as the seasons shift out of the cold and into the time of renewal. Check out these beautiful places that really deserve a visit in the spring.

The Netherlands

Towards the end of March and into mid-April, the countryside comes alive in vibrant hues. The Netherlands is the world’s largest producers of tulips, and in the spring, the flowers can be seen in profusion. Gorgeous striped fields play host to countless blossoming flowers Parks, gardens, and the countryside itself offer ample opportunity to see the beautiful blooms. There’s even a tulip festival. Check out the Keukenhof Gardens and Noordoostpolder in particular to be sure to get an eyeful.


Who wouldn’t love to visit Japan when the world-famous cherry blossoms are in bloom? In Spring, the cherry blossoms are at the epitome of gorg from late March until the middle of May. Cherry Blossom Festivals take place all over the country, and it’s a popular time to get out to the local parks and enjoy a picnic under the trees.

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⛰ Magic of Mt Fuji 💕 . 🌸🌸 Wanting to see the Cherry Blossom in Japan the best time to visit is between March to April. The season is short and changes year to year so we recommend to plan your journey for a minimum 10-14 days around the planned full bloom to ensure you experience the Cherry Blossom at its peak.👌 🌸 📷 @hobopeeba 🙌🙌🙌 🌸 🏉 We are looking forward to watching the All Blacks in Japan later this year! Rugby World Cup here we come! Go the All Blacks🇳🇿 . . . . . . #bingeontravel #thisisjapan #explorejapan #japantravel #igjapan #thisisjapan #japaninstagram #blossom #japancherryblossom #mtfuji #kyoto #tokyo #mtfujijapan #takemeback #kiwiexperience #kiwitraveller #kiwisabroad #traveladdict #luxurytraveladvisor #asia #japanphoto #japan #allblacks #nzrugby #rugbyfan #rwc2019 #ilovejapan #newzealandbusiness #nzbusiness #nzsmallbusiness

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Each year in the spring, the floors of Hallerbos Forest in Belgium are transformed into something out of a magical fairyland. Beautiful flowers known as bluebells carpet the ground and stretch as far as the eye can see. Catching this gorgeous sight can be a bit tricky, as the flowers are notorious for popping up when they see fit and not a moment before. However, your best chance to see the wondrous display in person is typically mid-April.


Though we’d have to say there’s never a bad time to visit France, in Spring it’s Provence that truly dazzles. It’s this time of year that the lavender fields are in their glory. The fields are really something to see, and gives the entire countryside an even more dreamlike quality. Visiting in spring also helps you beat the summer crowds in Provence.

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Лавандовые поля в Провансе💜 Период цветения лаванды приходится на середину лета и носит название "Фестиваль лаванды в Провансе". В это время открываются ярмарки, выставки и даже музеи Лаванды. В Провансе есть несколько мест, в которых произрастают лавандовые поля. Вот некоторые из них: 1. Деревня Сол-одно из мест, откуда открываются шикарные виды на лавандовые поля на фоне гор. 🏔 2. Окрестности Горда, в этом месте есть аббатство Нотр-Дам-де-Сенанк. Прямо рядом со стенами этого аббатства цвет поле лаванды, на котором работают монахи.🏰 3. Плато Вансоль, там расстилаются в небо благоухающие лавандовые поля.🌄 Хотели бы вы побывать там?🗺 Ответ пишите в комментарии💌 Не забывайте ставить лайки, если хотите видеть больше подобных публикаций❤❤❤ . . Lavender fields in Provence💜 The flowering period of lavender falls in mid-summer and is called "lavender Festival in Provence". At this time, fairs, exhibitions and even the Lavender Museum are opened. There are several places in Provence where lavender fields grow. Here are some of them: 1. The village of Sault is one of the places where you can enjoy magnificent views of the lavender fields on the background of the mountains.🏔 2. Surrounding Gordes, this place is the Abbey of Notre-Dame-de-at sénanque. Right next to the walls of this Abbey is a field of lavender where the monks work.🏰 3. Valensole plateau, where fragrant lavender fields spread out into the sky.🌄 Would you like to go there?🗺Write the answer in the comments💌 Don't forget to put likes if you want to see more of these publications❤❤❤ #природа #лаванда #прованс #лавандовыеполя #лавандовыеполяпрованса #красота #природапрованса #nature #lavender #provence #lavenders #lavenderfields #lavenderfarm #lavenderinprovence #provencelavender #beautiful #natureprovence

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