How To: Beat The Heat

Summer is upon us! As much as we’d love to run to the beach, soak up the sun and plan for rooftop parties, we all know summer in the UAE is a different story. This is a time to be creative and find activities to do indoors, away from the humidity and the heat, or perhaps an outdoor activity that won’t have you suffer from a heat stroke. There’s always an exciting event happening that is seasonally appropriate which can help us enjoy this time of year. Here are a few ideas that will keep your body and mind active whilst the rest of the country slows down. 


Splash around at a waterpark

Summer is probably the best time to hit the water parks across the UAE. The water helps keep you cool throughout the day and many activities and attractions are within a shaded area. A great plus would be fewer crowds as it’s the quieter season meaning shorter wait time at the rides. There would usually be special offers on for either UAE residents or bigger groups so make sure to bring your friends and family together and have fun under the sun!


Break a sweat at Sportsworld

For those that would love to play sports without having to worry about sun-stroked or the heat affecting the actual playing field, Sportsworld is a great alternative. You’ve got almost every sport you can imagine including basketball, volleyball, table tennis, indoor football, running track, gym, and plenty more to test your skills and keep you fit during the summer. Download the Dubai Sportsworld app to find teams to play with, book a sport, and keep updated with news and deals.


Stimulate the mind at museums

For those of you who claim the UAE does not have culture or history, it’s time you get educated. There’s a good mix of both older museums that tell a tale of the country’s culture, heritage and traditions, and newer museums that embrace the diversity that is this region through art and design. For historical moments, check out the Etihad Museum that explains the unification of all Emirates and all H.H. Sheikh Zayed has done for his country and its people. For a more modern and interactive experience, visit the museum of illusions – a great spot for both kids and adults that stimulates the imagination and gets the creative juices flowing.

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