Haunted Places in UAE

Fancy yourself a fan of the spooky? Do you believe in ghosts? Or maybe you are a bit of an adrenaline junkie with a penchant for scary movies and are looking for an outside-the-box day trip with some potentially paranormal fun. If any of this sounds like you, then these locations are calling to you! Here are the top reportedly haunted places in the UAE that would totally be worth a visit if you’ve got the guts!

Jazirat Al Hamra – Ghost Town

Look up anything to do with “haunted” and the UAE, and this place pops up on every list there is! Three local tribes built this town back in the 14th century. By the 1800’s it housed about 200 people who primarily made a  living as pearl fisherman. The population would eventually swell to around 2000 people before the town was abandoned around the 1960’s.  To hear locals talk about it now, you’ll hear stories of an eerie silence that engulfs the place. You’ll hear locals speak of ghosts and hauntings. Still others will tell tales of evil jinns that lurk the ruins. Whether it’s simple superstition and the general feeling of unease that an abandoned place can naturally bring, or there is more to it is up to you. You can visit the town, which is about an hour’s drive from Dubai and judge for yourself!

Al Qasimi Palace- “The Devil’s Palace”

Just a hop, skip, and jump from the ghost town of Jazirat Al Hamra is the Al Qasimi Palace. This massive home built with gardens, swimming pools, and plenty of living space was lived in for one night thirty years ago.  Rumors abound why the family only managed to stay for such a short period, but the truth is entirely speculation. However, there have been many reports of seeing children’s faces appearing in windows of the abandoned palace. Some people have even claimed the children cried and called out to them. Others say that they have heard the sound of furniture moving around and suitcases being moved about.  This haunted gem is about a thirty minute drive from Dubai if you feel up to ringing the doorbell.

Number 33 in Al Khail Gate-Dubai’s Abandoned Apartments

Located right in Dubai, this building is allegedly the site of three suicides and a slew of ghostly happenings. Former residents would frequently complain of items suddenly going missing and then turning up somewhere else within the apartment or even different apartments in the building as well as mysterious cries and moans. Though eventually shut down for “maintenance”, the last known residents lasted 6 days before calling it quits.

The Modern East - TRAVEL - Haunted Places in UAE

Photocred: Emirates 24/7

The Haunted Villa of Jumeirah

Locals will tell you there is something unnatural that inhabits the 7 bedroom building at number 4 Jumeirah in Dubai. Residents have shared their own experiences ranging from doors slamming, getting locked in rooms, hearing ghostly moans, and one woman even claiming to have had an intense feeling of pressure while sleeping; as if a person were laying down atop her and seeing shadows move along walls. Many have spoken of a heavy presence and a feeling of not being alone in rooms. Maybe you could ask for an invite for a sleep over.

The Modern East - TRAVEL - Haunted Places in UAE

Photocred: Gulf News

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