Lip Fillers

Let me just preface this by saying that with Kylie Jenner and every other influencer getting insta worthy lips, it’s no wonder that lip fillers are rising in popularity faster than you can say let’s snap a selfie! I must say that I was intrigued so I mustered up all my courage, a decent amount of cash, hopped on the bandwagon and decided to get lip fillers. If you’re like and me and looking for a subtle way to freshen up your look or looking for a dramatic makeover, here are things you need to know before you dive into the deep end of fillers.

The Process

A friend of mine who had previously gotten her lips done recommended Lucia clinic in Jumeirah so I thought a tried and tested place is the way to go. I called ahead of time, booked my appointment and when the day came I made my way to the clinic excited for what’s to come. First, a technician helped me by applying numbing cream all over my lips for 30 minutes, which to be honest didn’t do much for numbing my lips but I guess it was a good place to start. Then I was taken to the doctor’s office where we discussed my preferences and what options suit me best. I chose to go for Juvederm 1ml seeing as it was my first time. After we’ve decided on which product to use the doctor applied dental block which is essentially the injections you’d get at the dentist so if you’re afraid of needles maybe this procedure isn’t for you. That being said you can have the fillers without the dental block but you’ll feel every prick of the needle. The block does an excellent job of numbing your lips so you don’t feel a thing. Once I was numb the rest of the procedure was easy enough. Few pricks here and there and I was out of there! The whole process took a maximum of 1 hour which is great if you have a busy schedule.

The Aftercare 

After getting the lip fillers my lips were massive and we hadn’t even used the full injection just about 3/4 of it! There was no pain but a bit of bruising. I was put under strict instructions to massage my lips to avoid any hardening and that’s about all you need to do. So I massaged my lips and avoided going out in public as my lips were so swollen they tripled in size but fear not because when the swelling goes down (which it will) you’ll have the lips you coveted. In about 2 weeks I was already craving more so I went back to the clinic to get the rest of my injection at no additional cost!

The Price

 I paid around 2000 DHS for my procedure and I am entirely aware that that is a huge sum of money. However, there are many notable clinics that offer a lower rate and during certain times in the year, they even offer discounts! Word of caution though, make sure you do your research on where to go and the product being used as different products offer different results and you definitely want to go to a reputable clinic.

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