An Artist A Day: Ghaida Al Ghanim

Throughout this month, The Modern East has taken the initiative of showcasing some of the most talented Arab artists out there in a series we like to call “An Artist A Day“. From paintings and drawings to illustrations and photography, we are so excited to display these incredible artists, for your enjoyment.

There are so many wonderful artists born and bred within the Arab community; artists that we believe deserve to be highlighted and appreciated. There really is no better feeling than a reflection of your community in the art you consume.


Ghaida Al Ghanim

The artist we’re happy to introduce to you today is Ghaida Al Ghanim, a Saudi Arabian artist focusing on a combination of cubism and neo-expressionism art.

In knowing her art, it comes as no surprise to hear that the Saudi artist is a Medicine graduate. Ghaida’s work beautifully displays a unique expression of the relationship between the human anatomy and art, coming together to lay bare the raw human experience.

Ghaida’s art specifically brings focus towards the human eye. The eye, she says, can reflect anything; elegance, decoration, and magnificence, as well as the ugly, the grotesque and the hideous. “The eye controls all things. It controls what we feel, controls our judgement of what surrounds us” she tells us, “it represents everything.”

Though she did not go to school for art, her very own art school was the world she lived in.  Wherever she went, she looked, observed, contemplated, mused; the seed of her inspiration was planted this way, and there, it blossomed into the soul-baring art she shares today.

Ghaida uses her art to express herself in a way that words fail to do. She creates in order to convey a message and through it, connect with others. “With art,” she tells us ” it is as though we all speak the same language”.

The evil eye has been a source of fascination to Ghaida ever since she was a child; wandering in the world, uncovering it’s beauty. She finds inspiration in that the eye – of evil, of envy, of shed tears – bares witness to all; everything we see, believe, do, has been seen by the eye.

Ghaida proclaims: “Art is therapy. It is a journey in which you discover who you are, where you are, what you have, what you need to achieve, and where you want to be in life”.

She says that we all need to take a second to appreciate the beauty around us. That there lies beauty around us all, yet we never take a moment to notice it.

Ghaida tells us “art has the power to record reality as well as fantasy”. She advises that we must not limit ourselves in the exploration of art, as the journey of discovering and understanding it is both beautiful and healing.

We hope Ghaida has sparked some artistic exploration within you. Make sure to find her on Instagram and start your journey!

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