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Ok – so it’s almost impossible to find someone in Dubai that hasn’t hear about Miss Lily’s! This Jamaican spot has been all the rage since its opening and is now a staple in Dubai’s nightlife and restaurant scene. Food, music and some serious dance moves – what’s there not to love.

What makes this place so unique has to be the vibe. It’s really hard to find a place in the city that is down to earth, casual and FUN. Whether you are looking for somewhere to go to have a proper dance off with friends, want to indulge in a Jamaican feast, or if you just want to head out to mingle with Dubai’s crowd – Miss Lily’s is the place to be.

As a frequent visitor to this Jamaican yard with friends for dinner I found it quite hard to top off my fave eats from Miss Lily’s – everything is just SO GOOD. So, I have tried my best to round up my fave dishes that I would totally recommend to anyone going there with friends.


Hot Pepper Shrimps

55 AED

Holy spicy – this dish defs has a kick! (But a great one of course) The perfect start to your Jamaican feast, these shrimps are deliciously hot. Tender, juicy and super tasty, I would recommend this starter to anyone dining at Lily’s – to get those taste buds ready for what’s yet to come. Beware: you may need a glass of water on the side (if your like me who is slightly sensitive to spicy)

Crispy Fish Tacos

54 AED

A must order are the crispy fish tacos! These 3 tacos are served with deliciously battered red strip cod garnished with the traditional spicy escovitch. Perfectly light to munch on before your Jamaican feast for the night.

Ackee Hummus

42 AED

Hummus done – Caribbean style! The infamous Ackee Hummus is definitely a unique dish that you will only ever find at Lilys. The creamy, nutty, fruitiness of the Ackee is combined with the garlic, and tahini to blend into this delicious hummus. Served with crispy bread, this is defs a dish to start your night right.

Jerk Corn

38 AED

OMG – is exactly how you will be feeling when you try this corn at Miss Lily’s . Deliciously crunchy, this yummy coconut corn is a must try for you and your friends. Served with toasted coconut bits and jerk mayo drizzled over top – YUM. Have it either on the cob or shaven, this is a starter dish I would double order because I guarantee you and your friends will be fighting over the last bite otherwise.


Pan Roasted Sea Bass

175 AED

Ok, so as a certified foodie and someone who loves to indulge (always) – mark my words when I say this is the best Sea Bass you will be served in Dubai. Every single time I am in Lily’s, it is without a doubt that my friends and I get a double order of this delicious dish. Seared to perfection, topped with some hot chilies and served with charred lemons to squeeze right onto the fish – this is something to try right now.

Miss Lily’s World-Famous Jerk Grilled Chicken

120 AED

There is no way that you can go to Lily’s without ordering what they are most known for – the Jerk Chicken. This delicious tangy jerk chicken is served with a sweet mango chutney, cucumber escovitch, and a choice of a side. In which case I would recommend the jerk fries of course!

Jerk Fries with Scotch Bonnet Mayo

35 AED

These bad boys are served as a side dish but defs deserved their own place on this list. I mean who doesn’t love fries? Well your about to love them even more when you try the Miss Lily’s fries. Dusted with a delicious tangy blend of spices that give it its unique taste this is a dish that you surely won’t want to share. So be generous when you order these and get a portion for yourself!

Head over to Miss Lily’s ASAP and let us know what you think.


Phone Number: 04 356 2900

5th Floor, Sheraton Grand Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road, Trade Centre Area, Dubai

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