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Whether you’re a full-fledged drawing ninja or a budding Picasso, sometimes it’s a bit hard to think of subject matter to hone your skills! These apps offer plenty of options in the way of things to draw so that you can spend less time agonizing over exactly what to draw, sketch, or paint, and more time on execution and fine-tuning.

What To Draw

Think of this app as the artistic answer to writing prompts! Choose from several categories like medieval fantasy, editorial/cartoon, and a quick study. Next, select the difficulty level of the phrase you’ll be given. The higher the difficulty level, the more words to the drawing prompt. You can choose from pre-made phrases or completely random word combinations to make for a truly fanciful drawing. Several other categories are available to unlock for an extra fee including noir, fantasy, and ancient Egyptian mythology.  You can save favourite prompts for later as well as share completed works to both Facebook and Twitter.

5 Android Apps For Drawing Artspiration

Canvas Tutor

Another drawing prompt app, but with a manga/comic like twist, you are asked to complete certain “tasks” daily to help your skill and an avatar “grow”. A suggested amount of time to finish your task is given after which you are awarded points in different categories like anatomy, character design, backgrounds, and colouring.  A built-in calendar helps keep track of days you have finished your assignment. Hit the photo tab to see works from others for further inspiration. Extra content, some with a fee, provide brief general tutorials.

5 Android Apps For Drawing Artspiration

Doodle Art Draw Ideas

We all doodle sometimes. Whether it’s while you’re on the phone with a friend or bored at work, doodling is something even the least artistically inclined among us can do! Typically free-flow and at your whim, this app offers some ideas to give your future doodles a bit more direction. There is definitely something here for every talent level!

5 Android Apps For Drawing Artspiration

Cool Art Drawing Ideas

With over 300 images and a wide array of both mediums and subject matter, this is a great app to get some ideas for your next work of art! Try your hand replicating or putting your own twist on examples using pen, pencil, watercolours or even combinations of tools. The photos of the works are of good quality, allowing you to zoom into specific areas to pinpoint techniques or level of shading.

5 Android Apps For Drawing Artspiration


Pencil Sketch Drawing Ideas

With a similar interface to the previous app and 300 images available when writing, this is another great source of material! The artwork on display is just stunning and features heavily on the fanciful, but also having almost photo-realistic qualities. There is definitely plenty of fodder available to test even the most seasoned artist or inspire the beginner.

5 Android Apps For Drawing Artspiration

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