The Coldest Places on Earth You Can Travel To

While a lot of people prefer to travel to warm, tropical locations – we know that a lot of you living here in the UAE would love to go somewhere cold! Sure, there are winter resorts in central California, but how cool would it be to ski across the frozen tundra of northern Sweden, or to camp out underneath the Aurora Borealis in northern Canada? For today’s travel feature, we, at The Modern East have listed some of the coldest places on earth that you can actually travel to. Check them out below!

McMurdo Station, Antarctica

A McMurdo visit might be worth the -21ºF mid-winter temperature considering that it is the largest settlement in Antarctica, with up to 1,000 residents in the summer. Sounds like the perfect setting for the world’s loneliest music festival.

Abisko, Sweden

While the tiny village of Abisko sees January lows reaching 5ºF, being the northern trailhead of Sweden‘s Arctic version of the Appalachian Trail, or the Kungsleden (King’s Trail), has made it an icon to winter adventurers.

Narsarsuaq, Greenland

A growing number of hikers, sailing enthusiasts, and Viking historians are not deterred by Greenland‘s 11ºF Januarys. A little winter chill is worth the chance to stand in the footsteps of Viking explorer Erik the Red.

Longyearbyen, Norway

The northernmost location on this list, this settlement is also the largest in the Svalbard archipelago. Its 2,000 residents probably survive the thermostat dropping below 10ºF for months at a time thanks to the warmth of knowing that their Svalbard Global Seed Vault will one day save humanity.

Yellowknife, Canada

The capital of the Northwest Territories is named for a First Nations tribe, which used tools made of copper from the Arctic coasts. Their language is still alive today in the coldest town in North America, which has an average low of -21ºF in January.

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