Five Hidden Wonders of Oman

If you’ve been bit by the adventure bug or you’re keen to set new challenges this year, Oman is at your doorstep to be explored with the number one experts in the area – Are you ready for a weekend break from the city life?

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Five Hidden Wonders of Oman - The Modern East

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The village of Sujara is located about 15 km north of the Green Mountain Centre (Aljabel Al akhdaer), and here’s a cool fact it’s been inhabited for more than 350 years . It is characterized by its rare location, surrounded by treasures of natural agriculture, the village adds to the beauty of existing architecture built at an altitude of more than 35 meters from the depth of the valley.

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In one of the most beautiful mosque in the world, absolutely mesmerizing! In the early 90s Sulltan Qaboos wanted Oman to have a Grand Mosque. A competition for its design took place in 1993 and after a site was chosen, constructions started in 1994. The overall building took 6 years and 7 months to complete, and 300,000 tons of sandstone were used. The Mosque has archways, courtyards, chandeliers, ornate doors, white marble floors, mosaic patterns and manicured lawns, everything magnificent. In the Grand Mosque everyone is welcomed, despite their religion. It has a huge library that holds more than 20,000 books. Omani people may approach, offering dates and coffee, a good opportunity to ask them about life and the culture. Definitely one of the most peaceful places I have ever been! #oman #muscat #grandmosque #travel #travelgram #instagram #islam #thoughts #life #love #instatravel #aroundtheworld #explore #facts #ilovetravel #trip #instago #alhamdulillah

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A cultural legacy of the ancient city that is Sultan Qaboos can be echoed in the air, it’s also home to the Grand Mosque that has a mesmerising chandelier with over 600.000 Swarovski crystals and fine gold plated metalwork, I can bet you right now, you’ll never see anything else like it again.

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Five Hidden Wonders of Oman - The Modern East

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Have you ever been to a village that rises 1000 meters above sea level? Misfat Al Abriyeen awaits you! Surround yourself by agricultural terraces, beautiful mud houses that capture a scenic view for that ideal vacay picture.

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Five Hidden Wonders of Oman - The Modern East

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Standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon of Oman admire the north summit of Jebel Shams mountain. With its 3.009 m height, it is the highest peak in Oman in the Al Hajar mountains range. The canyon has a depth up to 1.000 m and down to the bottom the different layers show a staggering estimated 600 million years of geological history.

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Five Hidden Wonders of Oman - The Modern East

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Get your hiking boots ready for this one, a 45 minute hike followed by swimming and walking through three pools is how you will find the majestic beauty that is Wadi Shab which means ‘gorge between the cliffs’ – see for yourself the surreal postcard like view this place really is.

If you’re an adrenaline junkie like us you have to read about kayaking in Hatta Oman!

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